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Microsensor Application Examples

Band of sulfide-oxidizing bacteria within opposing gradients of oxygen and sulfide. (Thar & Kühl 2001)

2-dimensional oxygen distribution (transect) within the upper 8 mm of coastal phototrophic marine sediment. It demonstrates nicely that oxygen penetration depths can vary strongly within the scale of 10 mm. Such oxygen transects can comfortably be measured with Profix in combination with the Micromanipulator MUX2.

Microprofiles of pH and oxygen in a phototrophic biofilm with a total thickness of 400 µm.
Note the strongly changing profiles between night and day conditions.

Oxygen concentration within a tiny colony (300 µm in diameter)
of marine microalgae, which initiate marine biofouling. The red
line indicates the shape of the colony. The numbers at the isopleths
give the oxygen concentration in µM. Such
oxygen transects
can be easily acquired with the Micromanipulator MUX2.