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Microprofiling Software Profix

  • Software for PC-controlled microprofiling applications
  • Controls 1 micromanipulator and up to 2 microsensor modules
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Easy microsensor calibration
  • Data logging, automized microprofiles or transects
  • Used by >100 research groups worldwide

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Profix is a software for automated microsensor measurements. It can read data from two different sensor meters. In addition, Profix can control motorized micromanipulators from PyroScience. Besides basic features like data logging and strip chart recorders, the central feature of the program are automated microprofile measurements. The user defines the (i) starting-depth, (ii) the end-depth, and (iii) the step size of the desired microprofile, thereafter the computer will control the complete microprofiling process. The timing-schemes can be adjusted in detail. Automated long-term measurements can easily be set up (e.g. performing a microprofile measurement every hour for several days). If the micromanipulator is additionally equipped with a motorized x-axis (e.g. MUX2), Profix can also perform automated transect measurements. The acquired microprofiles can be directly analysed (areal flux calculations, input file generation for the microprofile analysis program PROFILE from Peter Berg).

Profix is freeware: Download here

Possible Setups


  • Strip chart indicators for two microsensors

  • Manual motor control

  • Manual data acquisition

  • Logging at defined time intervals

  • Fast and standard microprofiling (1D)

  • Automated transects (2D)

  • Adjustable timing schemes

  • Analysis of microprofiles (areal flux calculations)

  • Input file generation for the PROFILE software from Peter Berg

System Requirements

PC with Windows 7/8/10
200 MB free hard disk space