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Pyro Workbench

Warning: Sensor signal to low

Not enough signal light reaches the detector of the device.

Please Check:

Is the respective sensor connected to the correct channel of the device?            
For contactless sensors:  Does the bare optical fiber face the sensor spot/ foil/ dispersed nanoprobes?

If yes:

Fiber sensor:  The tip/ fiber might be broken or the optical sensor is bleached. In both cases, the sensor needs to be replaced.

Contactless sensor:  Reduce distance between the optical fiber and the sensor spot/ foil

Nanoparticles: Reduce distance between the optical fiber and the dispersed Nanoparticles and/ or increase the nanoprobe concentration

Warning: Sensor signal out of range

The sensor signal is out of the typical range for this particular calibration point.

Please check:
Is the correct Sensor connected to the current channel of the device?
Is the current sensor in contact with the correct calibration medium?

If yes, please contact PyroScience for assistance (info@pyroscience.com).