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Light Stand LS1

  • Lower weight alternative to HS1
  • Wobble-free triangular base
  • Unique sliding-mechanism for stepless height- and angle-adjustment
  • 2 integrated Ø12 mm mounting rods
  • Very resistive to acids and sea water

Light Stand LS1 shown with mounted
Micromanipulator MU1

The light stand LS1 is the "little brother" of the Heavy Stand HS1. Generally, we advise our customers to choose the heavy stand HS1 for mounting our diverse micromanipulators, because its 10kg weight provides the most stable support for microsensor applications. However, if less weight is required for travelling or expeditions, we offer this version with less than half the weight. All features and dimensions are identical to the heavy stand HS1, only the thickness of the base plate is reduced by 25 mm.

» Possible Setups

Available Items

Item No. Description Pricing
LS1 Light stand for micromanipulators on request


Weight 4.5 kg
Dimensions 400 x 360 x 535 mm
Post height 500 mm
Micromanipulator mount M6 thread
Mounting rods Ø12 mm, 500 mm height
Posts Anodized aluminum
Base Aluminum with industrial powder coating
Screws Stainless steel