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Micromanipulator MM33

  • Manual positioning in x, y, z
  • 10 mm micrometer screw for z-axis
  • Max. 10 µm resolution
  • Original German quality
  • Upgrade options to motorized versions MU1 or MUX2

The micromanipulator MM33 is probably the most popular manual micromanipulator in the world. Due to its precise and smooth operation it became the standard tool for microsensor studies. The three control knobs for the three axes are positioned very compact and user-friendly. An additional micrometer screw for the z-axis allows positioning down to 10 µm resolution. For best operation conditions, the micromanipulator MM33 should be mounted on the Heavy Stand HS1 from PyroScience.

» Possible Setups

Available Items

Item No. Description Pricing
MM33 Manual micromanipulator on request


Weight 650 g
Dimensions 65 x 200 x 160 mm
Sensor holder Clamp for shaft diameters from 6.5 to 12 mm
x / y / z axis travel range 20 mm / 25 mm / 37 mm
x / y / z axis resolution ca. 100 µm / ca. 100 µm / ca. 10 µm