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Oxygen Monitoring in Gas

  • General oxygen concentration measurements in ambient air or gaseous samples
  • Gas samples extracted e.g. from a sediment, soil, biofilm, bioreactor
  • Microbial or cell culture enclosed in a vial with a septum or in a tubing
  • Analysis of gases produced after (bio-)chemical reactions enclosed in a vial with a septum or in a tubing
  • Determination of oxygen content in sealed package samples 
  • Online-monitoring during gas sampling

Example: Measurement in gas enclosed in vials with septum, sealed package sample using fixed needle-type sensor with protected tip connected to FireStingO2 or in closed flask with sensor spots and FireStingGO2 meter.

Example: Measurement in headspace above rotating liquid in a microtiter plate well with sensor spots.

Applicable Oxygen Sensor Types

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