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Ultra-Compact Oxygen Meter - PICO2

  • The world's smallest fiber-optic oxygen meter
  • USB stick housing (ca. 15x15x54mm)
  • Works in gas (%O2) and in liquids (DO)
  • Versatile logging software
  • Proven REDFLASH technology
  • Optimized for contactless sensing through thick windows (up to 20mm)
  • Optimized for microfluidic applications

The ultra-compact PICO2 is a fiber-optic oxygen meter integrated in a small USB stick housing based on the proven high-precision REDFLASH technology from PyroScience. The PICO2 is optimized for advanced applications of contactless sensors in closed set-ups with constant temperature. It features very low power consumption, contactless read-out of oxygen sensor spots through up to 20 mm thick windows, as well as real-time oxygen monitoring, high through-put screening and microfluidic applications (lab-on-a-chip) with dispersible oxygen nanoprobes. Simply plug the PICO2 into a USB port of your Windows PC or tablet, connect the sensor of your choice and start calibrating and measuring with the comfortable logging software "Pyro Oxygen Logger".


Innovative REDFLASH Technology based on unique oxygen-sensitive REDFLASH indicators featuring  (ultra-)fast response times, low power consumption, high precision, high reliability,  low cross-sensitivity and reduced interferences caused by fluorescent samples or ambient light (known from the old blue-light techniques).


Available Items

Item No. Description Pricing
in EU*
PICO2 Fiber-Optic Oxygen Meter (USB stick) including logger software (Windows), transport case and 2m USB extension cable on request

Available Oxygen Sensors

Item No. Description
(Tip Diameter / Length)
Time (s)**
in EU*
OPROB3 Robust Oxygen Probe (1m cable)
(3 mm / 30 mm)
<20 s (liquid)
<7 s (gas)
260 €
OPDIP20 Robust Oxygen Dipping Probe (200mm stainless steel)
(3 mm / 200 mm)
<20 s (liquid)
<7 s (gas)
260 €
OXKIT‑CTL‑PIC Starter Kit for PICO2 with Contactless Oxygen Sensors (OXFTC, OXSP5, PICFIB2, SPADBAS, OXVIAL4, ADVIAL4). The instrument is not included. 350 €


More details…

Robust Oxygen Dipping Probe (OPDIP20). The robust oxygen dipping probe consists of a stainless steel tube 3mm in diameter and 200mm in length.

Robust Oxygen Probe (OPROB3). The robust oxygen probe consists of an optical fiber with 3mm outer diameter and 1m in length. The sensing tip is enclosed within a stainless steel tube 3mm in diameter and 30mm in length.

Contactless Oxygen Sensors. The PICO2 can be combined with a variety of contactless oxygen sensors from PyroScience (e.g. flow-through cells, sensor spots, respiration vials, nanoprobes). More details can be found here...

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* Only EU-Prices shown. Contact us for pricing outside EU. Not for resale.

** Typical response times for 90% signal change (T90).
     For liquids: measured for the transition from air into a stirred solution of 1% Na2SO3.



For sensor specifications and response times, please refer to the webpages of the different sensor types.

Weight ca. 20 g
Dimensions (WxDxH) 54 x 15.5 x 15.5 mm
Oxygen sensor connector Screw clamp for fibers with 3mm outer diamter
Input Channels 1 fiber-optic oxygen sensors
Measuring Principle Lifetime detection of REDFLASH luminescence via fiber-optics
Excitation Wavelength 620 nm (orange-red)
Emmission Wavelength 760 nm (NIR)
Max. sampling rate 20 samples per seconds
System requirements USB, Windows 7/8/10
Power supply Max. 10mA at 5VDC from USB (typ. 3-5mA)
Operating / storage temperature 0-50ºC / -10-60ºC
Max rel. humidity Non condensing conditions