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Optical Temperature Minisensors

  • Optical temperature Minisensors
  • Fast response times (<<1s) 
  • High spatial resolution 
  • For measurements in gas and water
  • For true temperature compensation of other optical sensors 
  • >3 years shelf time
  • With or without stainless steel housing
  • Underwater / deep sea versions available

The new fiber-optic temperature sensors from PyroScience are based on an innovative technology utilizing temperature-sensing properties of luminescent indicators. The needle-type temperature minisensors feature unprecedented fast response times in liquids (down to <<1s) and gases combined with very high spatial resolution (down to ~200µm). Importantly, the temperature minisensors are fully compatible with the FireSting devices and can be used for true temperature compensation of optical oxygen sensors from PyroScience.


The Temperature Minisensors are available with a metal housing as retractable (TPR430) or fixed (TPF1100) needle-type version, or without a housing as bare fiber version for custom integration and application in complex geometries. The temperature minisensors can be applied for (fast) measurements in gases and aqueous liquids, being resistant to corrosive environments (e.g. seawater), as all metallic parts are made of stainless steel.

TPF1100. The sensor tip of the fixed needle-type temperature minisensor is glued into a straight-cut needle and protrudes ca. 2mm. Hence the fragile sensor tip is unprotected and the sensor needs to be handled with care, avoiding direct contact with hard surfaces.

TPR430. The fragile sensor tip of the retractable temperature minisensor is surrounded by a 40 mm long syringe needle and can be moved out of the needle with a unique 4-step sliding mechanism. When retracted into the needle, the sensor tip is fully protected while handling the sensor or while penetrating packages or a septa.

TPB430. The bare fiber temperature minisensors are principally identical to the needle-type temperature minisensors, but they come without any sensor housing. Hence the fragile sensor tip is unprotected and the sensor needs to be handled with care, avoiding direct contact with hard surfaces, especially during handling, calibration and insertion in complex geometries and custom set-ups.


Compatible Devices

FireSting pro (FSPRO-x)
FireStingO2 (FSO2-x)
FireStingO2-Mini (FSO2-MINI-ST)
FireStingO2-SubPort (FSO2-SUBPORT) for sensors with underwater connectors (option -SUB)

Available Versions

Item No. Description
(Needle / Tip Diameter)
Time (s)**
in EU*
TPF1100 Fixed Needle-Type Temperature Minisensor
(1.1mm / 430µm)
<0.1 s (water)
290 €
TPR430 Retractable Needle-Type Temperature Minisensor
(1.1mm / 430µm)
<0.1s (water)
290 €
TPB430 Bare Temperature Minisensor (430µm) <0.1s (water)
260 €

* Only EU-Prices shown. Contact us for pricing outside EU. Not for resale.

** Typical response times for 90% signal change (T90).


Item No. Extension Description Extra Charge
-CL4 Cable length of ca. 4m (instead of standard 2m cable length) add 30 €
-SUB Underwater connector (instead of standard ST-connector) needed for applications with the underwater OEM-solution FireStingO2-SubPort. no extra charge
-CLx Custom cable length of x meter (max. 20m) on request
-Nx/y Custom needle types (x mm in diameter, y mm in length) surrounding the sensor tip. Contact us for possible combinations. on request

: Item no. TPR430-CL4 designates a minisensor with 4m cable.

Tip Geometries

True to scale drawings with syringe needle (grey), optical fiber (pink), and temperature sensitive dye (green)




All versions
Measuring range 0 to 50°C (273-323 K; 32-122 °F)
Resolution 0.02°C
Accuracy +/- 0.5°C (1-point calibrated)
Drift < 0.5°C / day
Minimum lifetime 10,000,000 data points
Application areas Laboratory, industry, research. Not for medical or any other safety-critical applications. Not for application in humans or in food intended for human consumption.
Compatibility Gas-phase, water/aqueous solutions
Cross sensitivity Organic solvents, bleach
Cleaning 3 % H2O2, soap solution
Storage time >3 years in darkness at room temperature
Calibration 1-point calibration
Dimensions TPF1100: total length ca.190 mm, shaft diameter 8mm
TPR430: total length ca.230 mm, shaft diameter 8 mm
Needle length 40 mm
Tip positions TPF1100: Fixed (protrudes unprotected from needle)
TPR430: Adjustable at -6, 0, 6, 12 mm relative to needle tip
Connector ST-plug (optional: underwater connector)
Cable length 2m (standard), optional up to 20m