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Dipping-Probe Temperature Sensor TDIP15

  • Dipping-probe temperature sensor
  • Used in combination with the FireStingO2 for temperature compensation of the oxygen measurements
  • 1.5 mm tip diameter
  • 100 mm tip length (bendable)
  • Shielded cable ensuring low noise

This temperature sensor is operated at the temperature port of the oxygen meter FireStingO2. It allows an automatic temperature compensation for oxygen measurements in samples with varying temperatures. But this sensor is also very valuable for independent temperature measuring tasks, because it provides precision exceeding most standard temperature meters. Only the tip (100mm in length) of this dipping-probe is intended for long-term submersion into water. However, the sensor cabling is very splashproof, and withstands short-term immersion into water without problems. The cable including the very sensor tip is completely shielded, ensuring reliable performance also in areas with increased electromagnetic interference by e.g. heating/cooling devices, motors, or pumps.

Available Items

Item No. Description Pricing
in EU*
TDIP15 Temperature dipping-probe
tip diameter 1.5mm, tip length 100mm, cable length 2m
140 €

* Only EU-Prices shown. Contact us for pricing outside EU. Not for resale.


Resolution 0.02°C
Accuracy +-0.5°C
Measurement range -30 to 150°C
Sensor type 4-wire PT100
Response time T90 in water / air ca. 2 s / 1 min
Tip diamter 1.5 mm
Total tip length 100 mm
Sensitive tip length 18 mm
Cable length 2 m