Underwater Solution

PyroScience recently announced the upcoming launch of the innovative AquapHOx platform for various optical oxygen and pH sensors.

The new compact and easy-to-operate AquapHOx loggers are flexible solutions for

  • O2, pH, trace O2, ultra-fast O2 & T
  • monitoring/logging/long-term deployment
  • measurements in oxygen minimum zones
  • stand-alone operation in various oceanic and aquatic habitats like open ocean & the deep sea
  • for coastal ecosystems like mangroves, estuaries, mudflats, kelp forests, seagrass meadows, salt marshes, intertidal zone, oyster & coral reefs

The long-term loggers are ready-to-use for comfortable stand-alone underwater application and do not require any OEM integration, like our underwater OEM modules.

The new one-device-solution AquapHOx-LX has been already applied successfully in diverse coastal habitats, including coastal water (North Sea, Adriatic Sea) and on a reef flat of the Great Barrier Reef of Australia.




Applicable Oxygen Sensor Types