Underwater Solution

PyroScience offers a variety of OEM modules for integration in our customers set-up for underwater measurements of dissolved oxygen. FSO2-SUBPORT and SUBPORT-PICO can be integrated e.g. in the lid of a cylindrical underwater housing.

These modules offer:

  • Pressure stable feed-through up to 4000 m depth (400 bar)
  • Broad portfolio of compatible optpical oxygen sensors (with option -SUB)
  • UART interface
  • Analog output (only FSO2-SUBPORT)
  • Ready-to-use AquapHOx-Logger for O2 and pH sensors

Further, in 2020 PyroScience introduces the innovative AquapHOx-Logger for oxygen and pH sensors. This instrument is a ready-to-use underwater device, which does not require any OEM integration. It is easily calibrated and configured using the software Pyro Workbench, whereafter it can be deployed into up to 4000m water depth for stand-alone long-term logging.






Applicable Oxygen Sensor Types


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