pH Flow-Through Cell


  • For marine measurements on pH total scale
  • Luer-lock T-Connector with removable pH mini probe
  • For ca. 3.2 or 4.8 mm ID tubings
  • No reference electrode required

These flow-through cells have an integrated pH probe for continues measurements of aqueous samples pumped through the cell. The cell consists of a Luer-lock T-Connector with a removable pH probe. The Luer-lock connectors allow direct connection of tubings with ca. 3-4 mm inner diameter.

The PHCAP represents a new generation of optical pH sensors from PyroScience and a viable alternative to traditional electrochemical sensors.

The PHCAP is attached via the PyroScience SUB-connector directly to a compatible read-out device. An additional protective cap makes the PHCAP highly robust against mechanical impact and ideal for long-term monitoring applications. 

The PHCAP integrates a pH sensor spot and allows measurements between pH 7.0 and 9.0 on pH total scale. It is based on an optical detection principle and therefore does not require a reference electrode, leading to a minimized effect of high ionic strength thus making it to a suitable sensor solution for long-term measurements especially in seawater. 

Optical isolation. This sensor type is equipped with an additional optical isolation protection layer. This layer avoids interferences with the measurements in applications at high ambient light (e.g. direct sunlight, illuminated samples) and in fluorescing / light-sensitive samples.

Easy calibration. Calibration of the pH sensors is performed at pH 2 and pH 10.0 using our easy-to-use calibration buffer capsules (PHCAL2 and PHCAL10). For detailed calibration recommendations, please refer to the manual in the downloads tab.

ST-connector. This connector is our standard sensor connector for PC-operated and handheld FireSting devices.

Temperature compensation. Due to the cross sensitivity to temperature changes, the temperature compensation of the pH flow-through-cells can be realized:

  • Using our flow-through-cell with integrated optical temperature sensor (TPFTC2) and connecting it into your stream shortly before/after the pH sensor.
  • Using a Pt100 temperature probe and measuring the temperature of the sample shortly before/after pumping it into the flow-through cell.
  • Keeping the sample at a constant temperature using a thermostatic bath and using fixed temperature in the software.

Applications. To get an overview of potential applications and to see our sensors in action, please visit our Applications site!

Calibration Capsules (pH 2)


For obligatory acid calibration of optical pH sensors. Each capsule results in 100mL calibration solution (PU=10).

Calibration Buffer Capsules (pH 10.0)


For recommended basic calibration of optical pH sensors. Each capsule results in 100mL calibration buffer solution (PU=10).

Every PyroScience pH meter with a ST-connector is compatible to this sensor. Use this link to get a list of all compatible meters. Select additional requirements to find the optimal meter for you and your application!



Choose the multi-analyte FireSting pro (4 chan.) with the pH flow-through cell PHFTCR-PK8T

  • 4 freely configurable optical channels
  • + oxygen & temp sensor support