Temperature Flow-Through Cell


  • With contactless optical temperature sensor
  • Luer-lock with tubing adapters
  • For ca. 3.2 or 4.0 mm ID tubings
  • Recommended flow rate: 20-500 mL/min
  • Measurement range 0°C - 50°C

The flow-through cells have an integrated temperature sensor for contactless temperature measurements of gaseous or aqueous liquid samples flowing through the cell. The cell is equipped with Luer-lock connectors on both tubing ends. The included set of Luer-lock adapters allows direct connection of tubings with ca. 3-4 mm inner diameter. With an optical fiber the flow-through cell is connected to an optical temperature meter from PyroScience.

Temperature range. This sensor is specified for the range of 0 to 50°C. Measurements at higher temperatures are possible, but the sensor specifications are not valid for temperatures out of this range.

Applications. To get an overview of potential applications and to see our sensors in action, please visit our Applications site!

Price List

Please visit our accessories site for all available accessories for our contactless sensors.

Optical Fiber


  • For contactless sensor readout
  • Optical fiber core Ø = 1mm
  • Ca. 1m length
  • With ST-connector and bare fiber end
  • To measure through 0-2mm thick materials

Every PyroScience multi-analyte (oxygen + temp) meter is generally compatible to this sensor. However, we recommend a multi channel device. This way all sensors can be read out simultaneously. Pay attention to the correct optical fiber for contactless readout. All options can be found under accessories for contactless readout. Use the link below to get a list of all compatible meters. Select additional requirements to find the optimal meter for you and your application!


Exemplary Setup


Choose the FireSting-O2 (1 chan.) with the temperature flow through cell TPFTC2 and all necessary accessories.

  • Ready to go lab setup

Exemplary Setup


Choose the multi-analyte FireSting-PRO (4 chan.) with the temperature flow through cell TPFTC2 and all necessary accessories.

  • 4 freely configurable optical channels