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Underwater OEM Module - FireStingO2-SubPort

  • Custom underwater fiber-optic oxygen meter
  • For deep sea applications (4000m depth)
  • 1 Oxygen channel for micro- or minisensors
  • 1 Temperature channel for Pt100
  • Ultra fast response times possible
  • 4 Analog outputs and auto-mode 

The OEM module FireStingO2-SubPort is a fiber-optic oxygen meter for integration into custom-made underwater housings. The FireStingO2-SubPort consists of a special version of the FireStingO2-Mini oxygen meter combined with a pressure stable optical connector (optical feed-through). It can be used for many different applications like water column and sediment profiling, eddy covariance studies, etc.

The FireStingO2-SubPort is easy to mount and can also be used to retrofit existing underwater equipment since its thread is compatible to some of the most popular deep-sea connectors. The titanium connector is open face pressure stable up to 4000 m water depth (400 bars). It is typically mounted in the lid of pressure cylinders.

The module has a serial interface to control the instrument and to retrieve data, as well as high-resolution analog outputs. Optionally, an USB adapter cable FSO2-MINI-USB is available including a licence for the Pyro Oxygen Logger software. When connected to this USB adapter cable, the FireStingO2-SubPort can be comfortably configured and operated with a PC using the versatile Pyro Oxygen Logger software.

Available Items

Item No. Description Pricing
in EU*
FSO2-SUBPORT FireStingO2-SubPort, underwater fiber-optic oxygen meter (OEM module), 1 oxygen port, 1 temperature port (solder points for PT100) on request
FSO2-MINI-USB USB adapter cable for FireStingO2-SubPort incl. licence for software "Pyro Oxygen Logger" 290 €

* Only EU-Prices shown. Contact us for pricing outside EU. Not for resale.

Available Oxygen Sensors

Robust Probes (with option -SUB)
Retractable Needle-Type (with option -SUB)
Fixed Needle-Type (with option -SUB)
Bare Fiber (with option -SUB)

Most of these sensors are also available as high speed (with option –HS) and as ultra-high speed (with option –UHS) version, for unmatched response times in water!



For sensor specifications and response times, please refer to the webpages of the different sensor types.

Max. hydrostatic pressure 400 bar
Material of fiber optic feedthrough Titanium (3.7035)
Weight in air 115 g
Dimensions (WxDxH) 67 x 25 x 25 mm
Oxygen sensor connector Proprietary PyroScience underwater connector for fiber-optic oxygen sensors
Input Channels 1 for fiber-optic oxygen sensors, 1 for temperature sensor (solder points for PT100)
Measuring Principle Lifetime detection of REDFLASH luminescence via fiber-optics
Excitation Wavelength 620 nm (orange-red)
Emmission Wavelength 760 nm (NIR)
Max. sampling rate 4 / 20 samples per seconds (with / without temperature compensation)
Power supply Max. 50mA at 3.5 - 5.0 VDC
Interface Serial interface (UART), ASCII communication protocol
Analog Output 4 independent analog outputs, 0-2.5VDC, 14 bit resolution
Operating / storage temperature 0-50ºC / -10-60ºC
Max rel. humidity Non condensing conditions
Temperature sensing principle 4-wire PT100
Temperature sensor
(range / resolution / accuracy)
-30°C-150°C / 0.02°C / ±0.5°C
Integrated pressure sensor
(range / resolution / accuracy)
300-1100mbar / 0.06mbar / typ. ±3mbar
Integrated humidity sensor
(range / resolution / accuracy)
0-100%RH / 0.04% RH / typ. ±0.2%RH