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Flow-Through Cells with pH Sensor

This new flow-through cell integrates a robust pH probe which is based on a unique optical detection principle (REDFLASH technology) and provides a viable alternative to traditional pH measurement devices such as electrodes. The REDFLASH technology utilized red excitation light and uses the NIR emission of the new pH sensor to overcome background fluorescence of the sample which was already successfully applied for our optical oxygen sensors.

The cell is equipped with Luer-lock connectors on both tubing ends. The included set of Luer-lock adapters allows direct connection of tubings with ca. 3-4 mm inner diameter. Multi-analyte measurements are possible by connecting our other available flow-through cells for oxygen and temperature in series and using our multi-analyte FireSting pro optical meter from PyroScience.

Different pH ranges. Optical pH sensors work over a confined pH range (2 pH units) at high resolution. We offer sensors for two different ranges for pH measurements between pH 6.0 to 8.0 and pH 7.0 to 9.0. Our pH sensors were especially designed for minimal cross sensitivity to ionic strength and the outstanding photostability of the new sensors enable high sampling rates over long periods

Typical Applications

For pH measurements in liquids pumped through the cell (inline measurements)

Compatible oxygen meters

FireSting pro (FSPRO-x)

Available Items

Item No. Description Pricing
in EU*
PHFTCR-PK7 Flow-through cell (PU=1 piece) with removable robust pH probe with pH range 6.0-8.0, with luer locks incl. luer tubing adapters, 2m cable 270 €
PHFTCR-PK8 Flow-through cell (PU=1 piece) with removable robust pH probe with pH range 7.0-9.0, with luer locks incl. luer tubing adapters, 2m cable 270 €

* Only EU-Prices shown. Contact us for pricing outside EU. Not for resale.


Given for 2-point calibrated pH sensors (pH 4.0 and 10.0) in physiological solutions at 25°C.

PK7 - Version pH
Optimum measuring range 6.0 - 8.0
Resolution at pH 7.0 0.005
Accuracy at pH 7.0 +-0.05
Drift at pH 7.0 <0.005 / day
PK8 - Version pH
Optimum measuring range 7.0 - 9.0
Resolution at pH 8.0 0.005
Accuracy at pH 8.0 +-0.05
Drift at pH 8.0 <0.005 / day
All versions
Temperature range 5 to 50°C
Photostability Negligible photodegradation
Response time t90 < 60 sec. at 25°C
Interferences Surfactant solutions, organic solvents or commercial buffer solutions (typically contain stabilizer) must not be used
Salinity Compensation of ionic strength (IS) for different application areas (10 mM – 500mM IS) possible
Background fluorescence Minimized due to REDFLASH technology
Cleaning Rinsing with deion. water only
Storage time Original packaging (unpacked) 12 months at room temperature
Calibration 2-point calibration, pH offset adjustment possible
Calibration solution PyroScience buffer capsules or a self-made buffer must be used. Important: other pH buffers must not be used and can damage the sensor irreversibly
Optical isolation The sensor is equipped with an optical isolation to minimize interference from strong external illumination and light-sensitive / fluorescent samples
Connector ST-plug
Cable length 2 m