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Pyro Workbench

Luminescence Background Compensation

In general, the optical measurement can be influenced by a luminescence background. With the luminescence Background Compensation, this potential background can be determined and will be considered in following measurements.

There are two cases in which this luminescence Background compensation is recommended:

  1. For robust probes, respiration vials and sensor spots for all analytes a black 1mm optical fiber is usually utilized. For these sensor types the Fiber Length option is sufficient for most applications and recommended.
  2. For precision applications, for applications with low signal intensities and if nanoprobes are applied, the Manual option is recommended.

Fiber Length

Based on the Fiber Length (m) entered in the Settings, a background signal for compensation is estimated automatically by the Pyro Workbench. An averaged and typical luminescence background of the applied black 1mm optical fiber will be considered.


For low intensity applications, it can be beneficial to determine the exact individual luminescence background of the applied optical fiber, by this Manual option.      

Additionally, in the case of oxygen nanoparticles (OXNANO) the luminescence background compensation is more important, since an optical isolation of the sensor is technologically not possible. The nanoparticles are dispersed in the medium with many different other components, depending on the application. Consequently, the respective medium can produce a luminescence background, which would influence the oxygen measurement negatively. Nevertheless, in order to achieve precise oxygen values, the luminescence background of the used medium WITHOUT the oxygen nanoprobes (OXNANO) needs to be determined by this Manual compensation.


This option disables the luminescence background compensation and is only recommended for expert users.