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Pyro Workbench

Warning: Sensor signal to low

Not enough signal light reaches the detector of the device.
Please Check:

Is the respective sensor connected to the correct channel of the device?            
For contactless sensors:  Faces the bare optical fiber the sensor spot/ foil/ dispersed nanoprobes?

If yes:
Fiber sensor:  The tip/ fiber might be broken or the optical sensor is bleached. In both cases, the sensor has to be replaced.
Contactless sensor:  Reduce distance between the optical fiber and the sensor spot/ foil
Nanoparticles: Reduce distance between the optical fiber and the dispersed Nanoparticles and/ or increase nanoprobes concentration

Warning: Sensor signal out of range

The sensor signal is out of the typical range for this particular calibration point.

Please check:
Is the correct Sensor connected to the current channel of the device?
Is the current sensor in contact with the correct calibration medium?

If yes, please contact the Pyroscience support for assistance.