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Respiration Vials with Integrated Optical Oxygen Sensors

  • Vials with ca. 4 ml or ca. 20 ml 
  • For small scale respirometry or metabolic rate measurements
  • Track oxygen levels in the liquid phase and simultaneously in the gaseous headspace
  • Measures oxygen gas (%O2) or dissolved oxygen (DO)
  • Lids with septum
  • No oxygen consumption
  • Negligible drift
  • >3 years shelf time

Based on the contactless oxygen sensor technology from PyroScience, we offer ready assembled respiration vials OXVIAL4 and OXVIAL20 with integrated oxygen sensors with 4ml or 20ml volume, respectively. Separately available adapter rings ADVIAL4 and ADVIAL20 allow easy fixation of optical fibers connecting the respiration vials to an optical oxygen meter from PyroScience. The elongated shape of the sensor spots allows oxygen measurements at different heights within the vial by simply sliding the adapter rings up and down. Therefore, it is e.g. possible, to measure the oxygen content both in the liquid phase and in the gaseous headspace within the vial. All lids come with a rubber septum.

Application Examples. Respiration rate measurements of bacteria or cell cultures, oxygen production/consumption rates of microalgae, general metabolic rate measurements, respiration rate measurements of eggs, larvae or small fish etc.

Typical Applications

Compatible oxygen meters

FireStingO2 (FSO2-x)
FireStingGO2 (FSGO2)
FireStingO2-Mini (FSO2-MINI-ST)
Piccolo2 (PICO2, PICO2-OEM)

Available Items

Item No. Description
(Volume / Diameter / Height)
Time (s)**
in EU*
OXVIAL4 Vial with integrated optical oxygen sensor
Package includes 4 vials
(ca. 4 mL / ca. 15 mm / ca. 48 mm)
With optical isolation
<15s (liquid)
<7s (gas)
240 €
OXVIAL20 Vial with integrated optical oxygen sensor
Package includes 4 vials
(ca. 20 mL / ca. 28 mm / ca. 61 mm)
With optical isolation
<20s (liquid)
<3s (gas)
240 €
ADVIAL4 Adapter ring for OXVIAL4 30 €
ADVIAL20 Adapter ring for OXVIAL20 30 €
SEPVIAL4 Lids with Septa (PU=4 pieces)
For replacement in 4mL vials
20 €
SEPVIAL20 Lids with Septa (PU=4 pieces)
For replacement in 20mL vials
20 €

Accessories for Connection to FireSting Devices

Item No. Description Pricing
in EU*
SPFIB-BARE Bare Optical Fiber (1m length), ST-plug + one polished end 50 €
SPFIB-BARE-CL2 Bare Optical Fiber (2m length), ST-plug + one polished end 60 €
ADVIAL4-KIT Adapter kit including 4x ADVIAL4 and 4x SPFIB-BARE-CL2 290 €
ADVIAL20-KIT Adapter kit including 4x ADVIAL20 and 4x SPFIB-BARE-CL2 290 €

Accessories for Connection to Piccolo2 Devices

Item No. Description Pricing
in EU*
PICFIB2 Optical Fiber (1m length) for Piccolo2, bare polished end 70 €

* Only EU-Prices shown. Contact us for pricing outside EU. Not for resale.

** Typical response times for 90% signal change (T90).
     For liquids: measured for the transition from air into a stirred solution of 1% Na2SO3.


Given for 2-point calibrated oxygen sensors at 20°C and 1013mbar absolute pressure in default measuring mode.

Full Range Versions hPa %O2 %air sat. mg/L
Optimum measuring range 0-500 0-50 0-250 0-23
Maximum measuring range (not specified) 0-1000 0-100 0-500 0-45
Detection limit 0.2 0.02 0.1 0.01
Resolution at 1% O2 0.1 0.01 0.05 0.005
Resolution at 20% O2 0.5 0.05 0.25 0.025
Accuracy at 1% O2 ±0.2 ±0.02 ±0.1 ±0.01
Accuracy at 20% O2 ±2 ±0.2 ±1 ±0.1
Temperature range 0 to 50°C (specified), -20 to 70°C (not specified)
Minimum lifetime 20,000,000 data points
Application areas Laboratory, industry, research. Not for medical or any other safety-critical applications. Not for application in humans or in food intended for human consumption.
Compatibility Gas-phase, aqueous solutions, ethanol, methanol, isopropanol
Cross sensitivity Other organic solvents, chlorine, bleach
No cross sensitivity pH 1-14, CH4, CO2, H2S, any ionic species
Sterilization Ethylene oxide (EtO), 70% ethanol, 70% isopropanol, do not use bleach
Cleaning 3 % H2O2, ethanol, soap solution
Storage time >3 years in darkness at room temperature
Calibration 1- or 2-point calibration
Optical isolation The sensor stripes are covered with a black layer to minimize interference with strong external illumination and light-sensitive / fluorescing samples