Dissolved Oxygen in Water

  • Oxygen levels in bioreactors or cell cultivation (together with our optical pH and temperature sensors)
  • Growth experiments of cells, microbes, fungi, plankton, aquatic animals and plants
  • General oxygen measurements in liquids

Oxygen Monitoring in Gas

  • General oxygen concentration measurements in ambient air or gaseous samples
  • Gas samples extracted e.g. from a sediment, soil, biofilm, bioreactor
  • Determination of oxygen content in sealed package samples

Solvent-Resistant Oxygen Sensors

  • Monitoring of oxygen during your reaction in pure or complex organic solvents
  • Determination of oxygen partial pressure in organic solvents

Respiration Rates

  • Non-invasive oxygen measurements
  • Respiration in enclosed sediments, soils or biofilms
  • Measurement of respiration of plants, animals, algae or fish
  • Expand your experiment by using non-invasive pH sensors


  • Oxygen measurements of enclosed sediment, soil, biofilm or plants


  • Oxygen measurements in microfluidic chips
  • Chemical/enzymatic reactions
  • High-throughput screening
  • Lab-on-a-chip applications
  • Oxygen Nanoprobes for real-time response

Ultra-High Speed Oxygen Sensors

  • Ultra-fast measurements in gas or aqueous samples with response times down to 0.3 sec
  • Eddy covariance / correlation measurements of oxygen fluxes

Underwater Solution for O2 and pH

  • Pressure stable feed-through up to 4000 m depth
  • Variety of oxygen and pH sensors for underwater applications

Underwater OEM Solution

  • For integration into custom-made underwater housings
  • Pressure stable feed-through up to 4000 m depth (400 bar)
  • Broad portfolio of compatible optical oxygen and pH sensors (with option -SUB)

Optical pH Sensors

  • General measurements in liquids
  • (Micro)Bioreactors
  • Aquaculture
  • Oceanography
  • Profiling in water
  • Environmental monitoring


  • High spatial resolution with O2 fiber-optic microsensors
  • Applications in biogeochemistry
  • Biofilms 
  • Microbial mats
  • Microbial communities in extreme environments

Oxygen Permeation of Plastic Bottles

  • Non-invasive oxygen determination
  • Head-space or liquid measurement
  • For all transparent bottles