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  • AquapHOx Technology

    New flexible optical sensor platform for monitoring our oceans
  • High-Speed Oxygen Sensor Cap

    For underwater applications, response time t90 < 0.3s!
  • Oxygen Gas Sensor

    Factory calibrated, high accuracy,
    long life, lead/Pb free!
  • Pocket Oxygen Meter

    With display and data logging
    up to 1-2 years!
  • New Optical pH Sensors

    We are proud to introduce our new
    broad optical pH sensor portfolio!
  • Solvent-resistant
    Oxygen Sensors

    Want to measure dissolved oxygen
    in organic or nonpolar solvents?
  • Oxygen Nanoprobes

    Want to measure dissolved oxygen
    in microfluidics?

Optical Sensors for:
pH, Oxygen and Temperature

PyroScience is a manufacturer of sophisticated optical pH, O2 and temperature sensors based on unique REDFLASH technology for measurements in gas, in water/aqueous samples, microfluidics and high-throughput screening, organic solvents, semi-solid samples and various OEM applications such as oxygen gas monitoring and underwater/deep sea applications.

REDFLASH Technology

Fiber-optic Oxygen Meters

Ultra-compact, easy-to-use, multiple sensor formats, as:

  • PC-operated multi-channel devices
  • Portable stand-alone O2 pocket meter
  • Underwater fiber-optic sensor systems

REDFLASH Technology

Fiber-optic pH Meters

Ultra-compact, flexible, easy-to-use, variety of sensor heads, as:

  • PC-operated multi-channel devices
  • Flexible underwater fiber-optic sensor solution
  • PC-operated multi-analyte device (O2, T)

REDFLASH Technology

Fiber-optic Temp Meters

Ultra-fast, temperature compensation of O2 & pH sensors, as:

  • PC-operated multi-channel device for temperature
  • Flexible underwater fiber-optic sensor solution

REDFLASH Technology

OEM Solutions

Ultra-compact and energy efficient modules

  • Available for oxygen, pH and T sensors
  • Lab applications
  • Underwater sensing
  • Biotechnology and Life Sciences