High Speed Robust Oxygen Probe


  • Robust probe for fast measurements
  • Stainless steel 10cm long, 3mm in diameter
  • High speed oxygen sensor (T90 < 0.5s gas,< 3s water)
  • Works in gas (%oxygen) and liquids (DO)
  • Optically Isolated, usable in photosynthetic samples

The fiber-optic oxygen sensors from PyroScience are based on proven REDFLASH technology and feature no oxygen consumption, no stirring sensitivity, an extremely long shelf time, resistance to corrosive environments (e.g. seawater).

This robust oxygen probe with high speed response time and optical isolation can be used for fast oxygen measurements in illuminated or light-sensitive aqueous and gas samples. Potential applications include photosynthesis measurements or measurements of fast reactions in ligh-sensitive samples.

Typical applications:

For aqueous liquids: Permanent stirring is recommended, as diffusion limitation of oxygen towards the tip has a measurable effect on the response time in liquid samples (this diffusion limitation is negligible in gas samples).

Standard range. This sensor is specified for an optimum measuring range of 0 to 500 hPa oxygen (0 -250% air saturation). However, without specifications, it is possible to measure in up to 1 bar pure oxygen/100% oxygen saturation/100% oxygen. For detailed specifications, see the respective pdf file in the Downloads tab.

High speed (-HS). Typical response times for 90% signal change (T90) in gas: <0.5 s and <3 sec in water. Measured for the transition from air/air saturated water into a stirred solution of 1% Na2SO3.

Optical isolation. For applications at high ambient light (e.g. direct sunlight, illuminated samples) and in fluorescing / light-sensitive samples, an additional optical isolation (-OI) protection layer is added to the sensor surface to reduce enhanced sensor aging and to avoid interference with the oxygen measurements

ST-connector. This connector is our standard sensor connector for sensor compatible PC-operated and handheld FireSting devices.

Easy calibration. A simple ambient air calibration can be performed with a few clicks (<1 minute for equilibrated setup). For precise oxygen measurements close to 0% we also offer easy-to-use calibration capsules (OXCAL). Simply dissolve the content of one calibration capsule in 50 ml distilled water, wait 10-15 minutes, perform the 0% calibration and start measurements with a calibrated sensor. For detailed calibration recommendations refer to the manual in the downloads tab.

Standard stock item. This item is typically in stock and small numbers can be shipped quickly. This does not apply for larger amounts, which ship with standard delivery time.

Good value. This product is a basic sensor for applications with no special requirements (like ultra fast response times, resistance to solvents, low detection limit)

Applications. To get an overview of potential applications and to see our sensors in action, please visit our Applications site!

Sensor Versions. There are further versions available of this sensor type.  Please use the filter function or the inquiry form to find the suited sensor version for your application.

Price List

0% O2 Calibration Capsules 


For recommended 0% O2 calibration of optical oxygen sensors. Each capsule results in 50mL calibration solution (PU=10).

Every PyroScience oxygen meter with ST-connector (lab devices) is compatible with this sensor. Use this link to get a list of all compatible meters. Select additional requirements to find the optimal meter for you and your application!


Exemplary Setup


Choose the one channel oxygen meter FireSting-O2 with the OXROB10-HS.

  • Good value
  • Ready to go lab setup

Exemplary Setup


Choose the multi-analyte FireSting-PRO (4 chan.) with the OXROB10-HS.

  • 4 freely configurable optical channels
  • + Additional pH sensor support

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