PyroScience Meters

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Ultra-Compact Oxygen Meter


  • 1-channel OEM device
  • Very compact dimensions: 59 x Ø17mm
  • UART interface, very low power consumption
  • Works in gas (%oxygen) and in liquids (DO)

Optical Oxygen Gas Sensor


  • Factory calibrated, maintenance free
  • High accuracy, low drift
  • Long life, non-depleting
  • Fast response (t63 < 2s)
  • Low power consumption

Shallow Water Oxygen OEM Meter


  • Factory calibrated
  • For temperature-compensated oxygen measurements
  • Corrosion and Biofouling resistant housing
  • Operation up to 50 m depth
  • Analog outputs / RS485 / Modbus

Underwater OEM O2 Meter


  • 1-channel underwater OEM device
  • A broad range of different compatible sensors
  • Compact dimensions 59 x Ø17 mm
  • Very low power consumption
  • UART interface

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