Measurement of dissolved oxygen is one of the most important parameters in industry and academia. PyroScience offers a variety of different methods to measure oxygen in your application.

Our setups have been successfully applied in:

  • Oxygen levels in bioreactors or cell cultivation (together with our optical pH and temperature sensors)
  • Growth experiments of cells, microbes, fungi, plankton, aquatic animals and plants
  • Measurement in microtiter plates
  • General oxygen measurements in liquids

Contactless oxygen sensor spots can be integrated in any transparent vessel and read out can be performed from outside. With this method, you can determine the oxygen content of a completely closed system. Together with our pH and temperature sensor spots it is possible to perform automatic temperature compensation of the oxygen measurement and get information about the pH value in your sample.


Oxygen concentration can also be determined by using one of our flow-through cells. Temperature compensation can be realized by using the dual flow-through cell with integrated oxygen and temperature sensor. True temperature compensation can be realized as the temperature sensor works on the same principle as the oxygen sensor and therefore temperature effects are the same for both sensors and therefore yield in highly accurate measurements.


With our fiber sensors it is possible to determine the oxygen content by directly putting the sensor tip into your sample. Due to our variety of sensor heads, it is possible to use needle-type sensors which can punctuate a septum or using a robust probe which has a robust tip 3mm in diameter for tougher applications.


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