Measurement of oxygen in gas phase can be realized using any oxygen sensor of PyroScience. Typical applications of our sensors are:

  • General oxygen concentration measurements in ambient air or gaseous samples
  • Gas samples extracted e.g. from a sediment, soil, biofilm, bioreactor
  • Microbial or cell culture enclosed in a vial with a septum or in a tubing
  • Analysis of gases produced after (bio-)chemical reactions enclosed in a vial with a septum or in a tubing
  • Determination of oxygen content in sealed package samples
  • Online-monitoring during gas sampling

Oxygen gas measurements within closed vials with septum, or within sealed package sample can be realized using our fixed needle-type sensor with protected tip connected to the devices FireSting-O2 or FireSting-PRO. The needle is filled with glue ensuring no air leakage through the needle when puncturing packaging material.

The OXF900PT has a thicker needle applicable for thicker septa or packaging material. Application in liquids is also possible, but requires special precautions in order to remove "trapped" gas bubbles at the sensor tip.

OXF50 and OXF1100: The fragile sensor tip protrudes ca. 6mm (OXF50) or 2mm (OXF1100) from a straight-cut needle. They can be applied in liquids and in gases. The complete inner space of the syringe needle is carefully filled with glue, minimizing any gas reservoir which might slow down the response time of the sensor.


Using our oxygen sensor spots, it is possible to integrate the sensor into any vessel with a transparent wall and perform the read-out from outside. With this method, it is possible to measure oxygen inside the closed container. With this method, it is possible to measure e.g. oxygen diffusion trough packaging material or oxygen changes during reactions in closed vessels. Our respiration vials come already with an integrated sensor stripe and can be used for oxygen measurements in the liquid or in the gas phase. Another example is the integration of sensor spots into a microtiter plate for measurements of oxygen in the headspace above liquid filled wells.


For OEM applications, we offer the FDO2 oxygen sensor. It is a factory calibrated, robust, accurate, fast response, non-depleting, and maintenance free sensor for demanding gas sensing applications, e.g. for oxygen gas monitoring in glove boxes, portable equipment, exhaust gases and more. It does not deplete over time, unlike galvanic oxygen sensors with their limited shelf life. A mounting thread and a robust locking connector allow easy installation. Available flow-through cells enable simple integration in a variety of gas-streams.

FDO2 Brochure

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