An insufficient gas barrier of plastic bottles can lead to oxygen diffusion into the beverage changing the quality and deterioration of the product. The diffusion rate of this process is depending on the used bottle material, wall thickness, scavenger coatings or the manufacturing process. Coatings of SiO2 or diamond like coating (DLC) on the inner surface can increase the gas barrier properties for O2, CO2 and also flavors. To determine oxygen permeability, PyroScience offers contactless measurement through the bottle using our oxygen sensor spots.

Measurement of the oxygen diffusion into a vessel can be done by gluing a sensor spot  into the bottle (OXSP5 or trace sensors TROXSP5). After a simple 2-point calibration, the bottle is filled with deoxygenated water and hermetically closed. The contactless sensing technology enables measurement of oxygen diffusion into the bottle from outside without any any interference of the sample.

Applicable Oxygen Sensor Types


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