Simultaneous Gas & DO Measurements

Simultaneous measurement of oxygen in aqueous liquids and a gas phase can be realized using optical oxygen sensors with contactless read-out from PyroScience. Some applications of our optical sensors in such studies are:

  • Bimodal respirometers for measuring oxygen consumption rates in e.g. aquatic air‐breathing ectotherms like marine snakes (in aerial and aquatic chambers)
  • Experimental setup for simultaneous measurements of the dissolved oxygen tension and respiration activity in shake flask cultivations of bacteria and yeasts

Contactless oxygen sensors from PyroScience feature non-invasive measurements in transparent vessels with contactless read-out from the outside through the vessel wall, thereby reducing the risk of leakage. They comprise sensor spots for oxygen, pH and temperature for fixation in vessels and oxygen nanoprobes for dissolution in aqueous liquids like culture media. All oxygen sensors from PyroScience can be read-out with our multi-channel PC-operated FireSting-O2, multi-analyte meter FireSting-PRO (also in combination with our optical pH sensors), or stand-alone with our pocket oxygen meter FireSting-GO2.




Applicable Sensor Types and Products

  • Incubations with optical oxygen (pH, temperature) sensor spots (OXSP5, PHSP5, TPSP5) in closed chambers with accessories for contactless read-out
  • Water-dispersible oxygen sensitive nanoparticles (OXNANO) with accessories for contactless read-out through vessel wall


Related Peer-Reviewed Publications

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