PyroScience offers a variety of OEM modules for custom integration into water-tight housings for underwater measurements of dissolved oxygen with the FSO2-SUBPORT, PICO-O2-SUB or APHOX-S-O2. Underwater measurements of pH can be realized with the new ultra-compact PICO-PH-SUB and optical pH probes. These ultra-compact OEM modules can be integrated e.g. in the lid of a cylindrical underwater housing, requiring pressure tests after custom integration.

Different sensor types are available for these modules including O2 micro-and minisensors with several options like optical isolation, fast and ultra-fast response times, oxygen robust probes and flow-through cells. Additionally, optical pH miniprobes for different pH ranges can be used. Non-invasive measurements of O2 and pH can be performed by using our sensor spots. 

These OEM modules offer:

  • Pressure stable feed-through up to 4000 m depth (400 bar)
  • Broad portfolio of compatible optical oxygen and pH sensors (with option -SUB)
  • UART interface
  • Analog output (only FSO2-SUBPORT)



Applicable Oxygen Sensor Types



Applicable pH Sensor Types



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