The new, compact and ease-to-operate AquapHOx platform is a flexible solution for many applications. Besides stand-alone loggers with internal data storage for long term deployment, we also developed transmitters for fast sampling and easy integration into consisting set-ups utilizing the integrated analog outputs.

The logger and transmitter are available with a titanium housing for deep-sea applications up to 4000m. These devices are highly flexible concerning choice of analyte and sensor format as O2, pH and optical temperature sensors can be connected

For applications in shallow water, loggers and transmitters with a POM housing are available which can be deployed up to 100m. These devices are dedicated to one analyte but with the same flexibility concerning sensor format (e.g. caps or fiber based sensor).




The new AquapHOx platform is a flexible solution for:

  • O2, pH, ultra-fast O2 & optical temperature sensors
  • monitoring/logging/long-term deployment
  • measurements in oxygen minimum zones
  • stand-alone operation in various oceanic and aquatic habitats like open ocean & the deep sea
  • for coastal ecosystems like mangroves, estuaries, mudflats, kelp forests, seagrass meadows, salt marshes, intertidal zone, oyster & coral reefs

The new one-device-solution AquapHOx-LX has been already applied successfully in diverse coastal habitats, including coastal water (North Sea, Adriatic Sea), on a reef flat of the Great Barrier Reef of Australia and bivalves growing in oligotrophic seas (Eastern Mediterranean, Israel) . 


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