Sorbonne Université

Individual kelp of three different species were incubated weekly during a two-month experiment exposing them to increased temperature, and reduced irradiance and salinity. Incubations from 30 – 60 minutes were performed to assess rates of oxygen production in a closed chamber.

Robust oxygen optodes (OXROB10) connected to a FireSting-O2 (FSO2-C4) were used to measure oxygen concentration every minute by inserting the sensor through the top of the chamber through a pre-cut hole fit to width of the probe. Pumps circulated water internally for temperature regulation and prevention of oxygen rich gradients building up around photosynthetic tissue.

Make sure that the sleep or screen saving mode of the laptop is turned off. The optodes are very sensitive to temperature changes which is good for tracking stability and changes in oxygen saturation.

Two chambers were setup simultaneously for incubations where optodes were carefully inserted and care taken to avoid a bubble forming on the end of the optode when inserting into the chamber.

The optodes are very responsive and the interface is simple to use. (If used on a laptop)

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