Pyro Workbench

Measuring Mode 
The measuring mode for optical sensors can be adjusted gradually between low drift and low noise of the sensor signal by moving the arrow with the mouse along the scale. With this option the measuring time of the optical measurement can be adjusted from 1 ms – 128 ms. Longer measuring times lead to a more stable signal, but the sensor lifetime is reduced and a sensor drifts can occur in case of pH and oxygen sensors due to photobleaching. In contrast, shorter measuring times lead to a noisier sensor signal, but increase the sensor lifetime and reduce the risk of a possible sensor signal drift. The default value is the recommended value for this specific sensor type.

For high measurement rates (> 5 Hz) this option should be adjusted to low drift.

Fiber Length
Based on the Fiber Length (m) entered in the Settings, a background signal for compensation is estimated automatically by the Pyro Workbench. An averaged and typical luminescence background of the applied black 1mm optical fiber will be considered.