Optical Fiber Rod


  • For contactless sensor readout
  • PICO-connector, Ø = 3mm, 51.5mm length
  • To measure oxygen and optical temperature sensor spots through 0-20mm thick transparent windows
  • To measure pH sensor spots through 0-10mm thick transparent windows

Additional Information

The blank optical fiber rod PICROD3 is compatible to the PICO device series (PICO-connector).  

It can be utilized for the readout of contactless sensors such as sensor spots or oxygen sensitive nanoparticles (OXNANO). The fiber rod length is 50mm (both ends polished). The large 3mm diameter of the fiber rod itself enables measurements of oxygen and optical temperature spots through up to 20mm thick transparent materials. For measurements through thinner windows (0-10mm) PICROD2 can be used. 

pH sensor spots can be read out through a window up to 10mm thickness. 

The PICROD3 needs to be fixated at the sensor spot to ensure stable measurements. This item is not compatible to the spot adapters SPADBAS, but needs a customized fixation.

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