Optical Fiber


  • For contactless sensor readout
  • Optical fiber core Ø = 1mm,
  • ca. 1m length
  • With ST-connector on both ends
  • To measure through 0-2mm thick materials

Additional Information

This 1m optical fiber is compatible to all PyroScience devices with a ST-connector. It can be utilized to read out sensor spots, flow though cells or respiration vials. It is also compatible to the adapter SPADBAS to enable an easy fixation for numerous applications. For a 2m fiber please refer to SPFIB-CL2.

If your transparent wall is thicker than 2mm, please use the additional lens SPADLNS

Please note that this fiber does not contain any analyte sensing capability. For the pricing information see our accessories price list below or get a custom made quote for you by clicking on "Get a Quote" at the top.