Optical Fiber with Lens


  • For contactless sensor readout
  • Ca. 1m length
  • through thick walled containers
  • Compatible to SPADBAS
  • With ST-connector for FireSting devices

Additional Information

The optical fiber with integrated lens SPFIB-LNS with ST-connector is compatible to all FireSting devices. The Ø3mm cable of 1m length has a bare polished fiber tip of Ø2mm and ca. 8mm length, which fits into the basic spot adapter SPADBAS.

This combination can be fixed at transparent containers with a wall thickness of >2mm for contactless read-out of all PyroScience sensor spots (2-10 mm wall thickness for OXSP5 and TPSP5, 2-4 mm wall thickness for PHSP5 and TROXSP5). If your transparent wall is thinner than 2 mm, please use the bare optical fiber SPFIB-BARE. The combination of SPFIB-LNS with SPADBAS can be even submersed, e.g. in a water bath, for closed chamber incubations at controlled temperature conditions.

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