Manual Micromanipulator


  • Manual positioning in x, y, z
  • 10 mm micrometer screw for z-axis
  • Max. 10 µm resolution
  • Original German quality

The micromanipulator MM33 is probably the most popular manual micromanipulator in the world. Due to its precise and smooth operation it became the standard tool for microsensor studies. The three control knobs for the three axes are positioned very compact and user-friendly. An additional micrometer screw for the z-axis allows positioning down to 10 µm resolution. For best operation conditions, the micromanipulator MM33 should be mounted on the Heavy Stand HS1 from PyroScience.


Weight: 650g
Dimensions: 65 x 200 x 160mm
Sensor Holder: Clamp for shaft diameters from 6.5 to 12mm
x / y / z axis travel range: 20mm / 25mm / 37mm
x/y/z axis resolution: ca. 100µm / ca. 100µm / ca 10µm

Every PyroScience fiber sensor can be attached to this micromanipulator. We recommend one of our lab devices as meter of choice.


Exemplary Setup

Micromanipulator Setup

Our recommendation for a basic and ready to go micromanipulator setup:
FireSting-O2 (FSO2-1)
Fixed Fiber Oxygen Microsensor (OXF50)
Manual Micromanipulator (MM33)
Light stand (LS1)

Light Stand for Micromanipulators


  • Recommended for the light weight MM33
  • Height 500mm
  • Weight 4.5kg

Heavy Stand for Micromanipulators


  • Recommended for the heavy MU1 & MUX2
  • Height 500mm
  • Weight 10kg


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