2-Axes Motorized Micromanipulator


Manual positioning in x, y, z
Motorized x- and z-axis with 0.1 µm resolution
Control software Profix included
USB plug & play with Profix
Acquires automatic profiles or transects

The micromanipulator MUX2 has been developed for acquiring automized microprofile transects with microsensors. It consists of a compact manual micromanipulator for the x-, y- ,and z-axis, supplemented with high-precision motorized slides (0.1 µm resolution) for the x- and z-axis. The motor controller is integrated in the housing, no external control box is needed. If no computer is connected, the motorized slide can be operated by a control knob integrated on top of the MUX2 housing. The comfortable control software Profix provides an easy way for acquiring 1-dimensional (microprofiles) or 2-dimensional microsensor data (transects). For best operation conditions, the micromanipulator MUX2 should be mounted on the Heavy Stand HS1 from Pyro Science.


Weight: 3.1kg
Dimensions: 275 x 270 x 275mm
Sensor holder: Clamp for shaft diameters from 6.5 to 12mm
x / y / z axis travel range (manual): 20 / 25 / 37mm
x / y / z axis resolution (manual): ca. 100µm / ca. 100µm / ca. 10µm
x- and z-axis motor travel ranges: 75mm
Max. motor velocity: 2mm/s
x- and z-axis resolution (motor): 0.1µm
x- and z-axis repeatability (motor): <2µm
Interface: USB
Power supply: 100-240V AC, universal international plug adapter included
Operating temperature: 0 to 50°C
Max. rel. humidity: 95% non condensing


One single optical fiber sensor can be attached to this micromanipulator and only the following meters are compatible to the included microprofiling software Profix:

1-channel FireSting-PRO (FSPRO-1)
2-channel FireSting-PRO (FSPRO-2)

1-channel FireSting-O2 (FSO2-1)
2-channel FireSting-O2 (FSO2-2)

Exemplary Setup

Micromanipulator Setup

Our recommendation for a basic and ready to go micromanipulator setup:
FireSting-O2 (FSO2-1)
Fixed Fiber Oxygen Microsensor (OXF50)
Manual Micromanipulator (MUX2)
Heavy stand (HS1)

Heavy Stand for Micromanipulators


  • Recommended for the heavy MU1 & MUX2
  • Height 500mm
  • Weight 10kg



Firmware 3, e.g. FireSting-O2

Firmware 4, e.g. FireSting-PRO

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