Flexible-Analyte Deep Sea Logger


  • Item nr.: APHOX-LX
  • Broad range of O2, pH & temp. sensors
  • Operation up to 4000 m depth
  • Stand-alone logging up to >1 year
  • Integrated fast temperature sensor

Deep Sea Long-time Logger for O2, pH or optical Temp. Sensors

PyroScience stands for intriguing optical sensor technology: simple, compact & flexible sensor systems with expert customer support. With the new AquapHOx technology, we also offer a unique all-in-one flexible underwater solution to monitor the health of our oceans.

The AquapHOx-LX is a flexible multi-analyte long-term logger for stand-alone underwater operation down to 4000m water depth. It can be combined with a broad range of optical O2-, pH- or temperature sensors, offering unmatched flexibility for multiple applications with the same APHOX-LX device. These include e.g.

long-time O2 monitoring in ocean habitats
most sensitive trace O2 measurements in oxygen minimum zones or de-oxygenation events,
measurements of ocean pH on the total scale with neglectable impact of salinity,
contactless read-out of incubations chambers with integrated sensors and
profiling over surface structures, in sediments and along gradients at high spatial resolution.
Simply exchange the sensor head, choose between different analytes (pH, O2 or T) and various sensor formats.

The AquapHOx long-term logger is ideally suited for monitoring critical parameters and their dynamics in different ocean habitats, including open ocean, the deep sea and coastal habitats like coral reefs or coastal waters.

This all-in-one premium deep sea logger is also available as deep sea real-time data transmitter, and as shallow-water single analyte logger for O2 and pH.

Titanium Housing. This device can be deployed to a depth of 4000m.

Next generation PC software. The Pyro Workbench is our newest software solution and available as free download in the Downloads tab. Up to 10 PyroScience meters can be operated by the Pyro Workbench at once. It is used for configuring the device, calibrating the sensors, starting the logging, and finally for retrieving the logged data. The sensor readings are displayed numerically and graphically and can be logged in respective data files for further data processing. Additionally, the integrated Pyro Data Inspector features multiple data processing options like drift compensation or calculation of oxygen rates.

Supported analytes. This meter features ONE optical channel compatible to a broad range of optical oxygen, pH, and temperature sensors with SUB-connectors. The optical sensor of your choice must be purchased separately. Each optical sensor is automatically temperature compensated by the integrated fast Pt100 sensor head.

Stand-alone logging. Log your data (up to >1 year) without a connection to a PC with this stand-alone long-term logger. After the experiment, download the data with our included versatile Windows software for data processing. The integrated maintenance-free lithium battery is then recharged within <2 hours for the next deployment.

Huge data memory. This device comes with a built-in data memory of 4GB of industrial grade for ca. 40 million data points, offering virtually unlimited data memory even during long expeditions. 

Innovative REDFLASH technology. The REDFLASH technology from PyroScience is based on the unique analyte-sensitive REDFLASH sensor materials. The REDFLASH sensor materials are excitable with red light and show an analyte-dependent luminescence in the near infrared (NIR). The REDFLASH technology impresses by its high precision, high reliability, low power consumption, low cross-sensitivity, and fast response times. The red light excitation significantly reduces interferences caused by autofluorescent samples. Further, the NIR detection technology significantly reduces interference with ambient light, known from the old blue-light techniques.

This project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme SME-2 under grant agreement No 82964


Choose between our pH, O2 and optical Temperature Sensors

There are several optical sensors compatible to this read-out device. Select additional requirements to find the optimal sensor for your application!

Exemplary Setup


Choose the one channel underwater AquapHOX logger (AquapHOx-LX) with the top seller oxygen sensor cap OXCAP-SUB.

Exemplary Setup


Choose the one channel underwater AquapHOX logger (AquapHOx-LX) with the pH sensor cap for pH total scale PHCAP-PK8T-SUB.

Exemplary Setup


Choose the one channel underwater AquapHOX logger (AquapHOx-LX) with the pH mini probe PHROBSC-PK8-SUB.

Calibration Capsules (pH 2)


For obligatory acid calibration of optical pH sensors. Each capsule results in 100mL calibration solution (PU=10).

Calibration Buffer Capsules (pH 11)


For recommended basic calibration of optical pH sensors. Each capsule results in 100mL calibration buffer solution (PU=10).

0% O2 Calibration Capsules 


For recommended 0% O2 calibration of optical oxygen sensors. Each capsule results in 50mL calibration solution (PU=10).

Underwater Flow-through-cell


  • For APHOX®-T and APHOX®-L devices
  • Fully submersible
  • Usable in the Field and In-Lab
  • Compatible with all sensor caps with SUB-connector

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