Optical Oxygen Gas Sensor


  • Factory calibrated, maintenance free
  • High accuracy, low drift
  • Long life, non-depleting
  • Fast response (t63 < 2s)
  • Low power consumption

Optical Oxygen Gas Sensor - FDO2

Patents: US 10,495,619 / DE 10 2016 114 918 / (EP 3 282 244 pending)

The FDO2 oxygen sensor is a factory calibrated, robust, accurate, fast response, non-depleting, and maintenance free sensor for demanding gas sensing applications, e.g. for oxygen gas monitoring in glove boxes, portable equipment, exhaust gases and more. Although the form factor is similar to conventional galvanic cells, the sensor operates on a completely different, an optical principle which is based on luminescence quenching of a sensor dye. The dye is excited with red light, and the properties of the resulting luminescence are measured in the near infrared. The presence of molecular oxygen quenches the luminescence, changing its intensity and lifetime fully reversibly. This principle is very robust and shows virtually no interferences to other gases

It does not deplete over time, unlike galvanic oxygen sensors with their limited shelf life. Optics and electronics are hermetically sealed from the measured gas and the sensing surface is highly hydrophobic, so water droplets do not disturb the measurement.

The digital interface provides directly temperature-compensated oxygen partial pressure. An additional atmospheric pressure sensor inside the device allows calculation of accurate oxygen concentrations. The sensor is factory calibrated and no additional signal conditioning is necessary. A mounting thread and a robust locking connector allow easy installation.

Available flow-through cells enable simple integration in a variety of gas-streams.

Common applications:

  • Incubators
  • Oxygen concentrators
  • Inert gas processing chambers (glove boxes)
  • Exhaust gas measurement
  • Inert gas monitoring
  • Portable equipment
  • Monitoring fruit ripening and transport

USB Interface Cable


USB interface cable for ealuation of FDO2, incl. versatile logger software for easy setup and calibration

Flow-Through Cell for FDO2


Additional flow through cell for the FDO2 oxygen sensor