Analog out. These devices feature analog outputs to enable a readout of voltages proportional to the sensor reading.

Deep sea. These meters are designed for deep sea applications down to 4000m depth. 

Display. These meters feature a display for a direct visual feedback of the current sensor reading.

Good value. These meters belong to our standard optical meters, delivering outstanding performance for a reduced price tag.

Laboratory device. These meters can be understood as end-user plug and play solution with a standard USB connection. The respective logger software is always included for free.

LEMO-connector. The LEMO-connector is used for connecting our Pt100 temperature probes.

Multi Analyte. These Meters support more than one optical analyte. Meaning every optical channel is freely configurable for any supported analyte.

Multi-channel. These meters feature more than one optical channel.

OEM device. These devices are designed for companies who would like to integrate our technology in their systems. They are easy-to-integrate OEM solutions for companies.

Opt. temp. These meters support optical temperature sensors.

Oxygen. These meters support optical oxygen sensors.

PC operated. These meters require a connection to a PC to perform measurements and obtain data.

PICO-connector. The PICO-connector is the type of optical connector for our compact PICO2 devices.

pH. These meters support optical pH sensors.

Pt100 temp. These meters support electrical Pt100 temperature probes either by the existing LEMO-connector or the Pt100 soldering pins.

Pt100 soldering. These meters feature the option to solder a Pt100 temperature probe to the meter.

Sensor required. These meters require a sensor connected to the device in order to measure the analyte.

Shallow water. These meters are designed for shallow water applications down to 100m depth. 

Single channel. These meters feature one optical channel.

ST-connector. The ST-connector is the type of optical connector for most of our lab devices.  

Stand-alone logging. These meters are designed for stand-alone (without a PC) measurements in the field or underwater.

Standard stock item. These meters are typically hold on stock and small numbers can be shipped quickly. For larger amounts the standard delivery time is 2–3 weeks (4-6 weeks for custom versions).

SUB-connector. The SUB-connector is the type of optical connector for our underwater devices.

Top seller. These meters belong to our top sellers.

Underwater device. These meters are designed for underwater applications (custom integration with pressure tests required). The respective logger software is available as free download.


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