Oxygen Nanoprobes


  • Dispersible oxygen nanoparticles
  • Ideal for microfluidics or lab-on-a-chip
  • For measurement in complex geometries
  • Autoclavable (few times, short cycle)
  • Real-time response

The oxygen nanoprobes OXNANO allow dissolved oxygen (DO) measurements in liquid samples within closed transparent systems (plastic or glass). They are perfectly dispersible in aqueous solutions or culture media. A simple batch calibration of the nanoprobe dispersion allows read-out at various locations along the sample container or in different samples containing the same dispersion. They are ideally suitable for contactless measurements of fast processes in small sample volumes and within complex geometries.

Microfluidic applications: The oxygen nanoprobes are especially useful for establishing oxygen measurements in microfluidic applications. Special fiber-optic adapters with integrated focussing optics allow contactless point measurements (<1mm2) within microfluidic systems.

Standard range. This sensor is specified for an optimum measuring range of 0 to 500 hPa oxygen (0 -250% air saturation). However, without specifications, it is possible to measure in up to 1 bar pure oxygen/100% oxygen saturation/100% O2. For detailed specifications, see the respective pdf file in the Downloads tab.

Standard stock item. This item is typically in stock and small numbers can be shipped quickly. This does not apply for larger amounts, which ship with standard delivery time.

Star sensor. This sensor is one of the world's best or only solutions in a certain application area, featuring for example a very fast response time, solvent resistance or a unique sensor format.

Typical applications. To get an overview of potential applications and to see our sensors in action, please visit our Applications site!

Please visit our accessories site for all available accessories for our contactless sensors.

0% O2 Calibration Capsules 


For recommended 0% O2 calibration of optical oxygen sensors. Each capsule results in 50mL calibration solution (PU=10).

Optical Fiber Rod with Lens


  • Stainless steel tube Ø = 3, length = 40mm
  • With PICO-connector and focussing lens
  • For microfluidic applications

Readout Fiber with Lens


  • Stainless steel tip Ø = 3mm, ca. 1m length
  • With PICO-connector and focussing lens
  • For microfluidic applications

Every PyroScience oxygen meter is generally compatible to this sensor. Pay attention to the correct optical fiber for contactless readout. All options can be found under accessories for contactless readout. Use the link below to get a list of all compatible meters. Select additional requirements to find the optimal meter for you and your application!



Choose the ultra-compact oxygen meter PICO2 with the ultra fast oxygen nanoprobes OXNANO as a ready to go lab setup. 

  • Only for measurements at controlled temperature (no temperature compensation)


Choose the ultra-compact oxygen OEM meter PICO2-OEM with the ultra fast oxygen nanoprobes OXNANO.