Oxygen & pH & Temperature Vial


  • 20 ml vial with integrated pH + temp + oxygen sensor
  • Diameter / height: ca. 28 mm / ca. 61 mm
  • Measurement range pH 6.0-8.0
  • Measurement range temp 0°C - 50°C
  • True temperature compensation

Based on the contactless sensor technology, PyroScience offers ready assembled vials with integrated sensor stripes for all supported analytes. The glass respiration vials have screw caps with a septum, and are available with ca. 20mL (uncalibrated) volume. Adapter rings allow an easy fixation of optical fibers for read-out with optical meters from PyroScience for incubations in closed vials. The elongated shape of the sensor spots allows also measurements at different heights within the vial using several fibers/adapter rings in parallel.

Oxygen sensor stripe. This vial contains an oxygen sensor stripe.

Standard range. This sensor is specified for an optimum measuring range of 0 to 500 hPa oxygen (0 -250% air saturation). However, without specifications, it is possible to measure in up to 1 bar pure oxygen/100% oxygen saturation/100% oxygen. For detailed specifications, see the respective pdf file in the Downloads tab.

pH sensor stripe. The vial contains an pH 6-8 sensor stripe.

pH range 6.0-8.0 This sensor is specified for the pH range 6.0-8.0. For detailed specifications, see the respective pdf file in the Downloads tab.

Temperature sensor stripe. This Vial contains an temperature sensor stripe for optimal temperature compensation.

Temperature range. This sensor is specified for the range of 0 to 50°C. Measurements at higher temperatures are possible, but the sensor specifications are not valid for temperatures out of this range.

Optical isolation. For applications at high ambient light (e.g. direct sunlight, illuminated samples) and in fluorescing / light-sensitive samples, an additional optical isolation (-OI) protection layer is added to the sensor surface to reduce enhanced sensor aging and to avoid interference with the oxygen measurements

Applications. To get an overview of potential applications and to see our sensors in action, please visit our Applications site!

Price List

Please visit our accessories site for all available accessories for our contactless sensors.

Optical Fiber


  • For contactless sensor readout
  • Optical fiber core Ø = 1mm
  • Ca. 1m length
  • With ST-connector and bare fiber end
  • To measure through 0-2mm thick materials

0% O2 Calibration Capsules 


For recommended 0% O2 calibration of optical oxygen sensors. Each capsule results in 50mL calibration solution (PU=10).

Calibration Capsules (pH 2)


For obligatory acid calibration of optical pH sensors. Each capsule results in 100mL calibration solution (PU=10).

Calibration Buffer Capsules (pH 11)


For recommended basic calibration of optical pH sensors. Each capsule results in 100mL calibration buffer solution (PU=10).

Septa & lids for 20 ml sensor vials


  • Septa with lids (with and without hole)
  • For replacement in 20mL sensor vials from PyroScience
  • PU = 4 pieces

Every PyroScience multi-analyte (pH + oxygen) meter is generally compatible to this sensor. However, we recommend a multi channel device. This way all sensors can be read out simultaneously. Pay attention to the correct optical fiber for contactless readout. All options can be found under accessories for contactless readout. Use the link below to get a list of all compatible meters. Select additional requirements to find the optimal meter for you and your application!


Exemplary Setup


Choose the multi-analyte FireSting-PRO (4 chan.) with the oxygen & pH & temperature vial PHTOVIAL20-PK7 and all necessary accessories.

  • 4 freely configurable optical channels

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