We offer precise OEM solutions for optical oxygen, pH and optical temperature measurements. Our OEM modules are characterised by their small size, durability and ultra-low power consumption. The devices are easy to integrate and are controlled with a simple serial communication protocol. All devices feature either an integrated temperature sensor or are prepared to attach an Pt100 temperature sensor, which can be used for automatic temperature compensation of the oxygen measurement.

The PICO product family represents our standard OEM modules and are characterized by their small size, low power consumption and easy integration in custom electronics using standard UART interface. PICO modules are available for optical oxygen, pH and optical temperature sensors. 

For underwater solutions, we offer pressure stable optical connectors (SUB) which can be used to retrofit existing underwater equipment since its thread is compatible to the most popular deep-sea connectors.

Our FDO2 oxygen gas sensor is a factory calibrated, robust, accurate, fast, non-depleting, and maintenance free sensor for demanding gas sensing applications. A mounting thread and a robust locking connector allow easy installation. 

Our OEM products were already successfully integrated by leading industry partners for application areas such as:

  • Marine monitoring (especially deep-sea applications)
  • Biotechnology and life science
  • Aquaculture
  • Process monitoring and automation
  • Laboratory meters

The staff of PyroScience has a deep background in chemistry, electrical engineering, physics, life sciences and oceanography. Therefore, we can offer in-depth support even for very special application demands.

For special integration solutions please contact our OEM-Engineers.

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