Modbus analog out module for the oxygen sensor FDO2.

The module FDO2-EXT is an extension module for the optical oxygen sensor FDO2 from PyroScience, providing 4 analog outputs and a Modbus interface. The module has two interfaces, a RS485 interface and a UART interface. The UART interface can be directly connected to the FDO2. The RS485 interface can be connected to a Modbus bus. Further, the FDO2-EXT provides 2 current outputs and 2 voltage outputs, which can be used even if the module is not operated via the Modbus interface.

Optical Oxygen Gas Sensor


  • Factory calibrated, maintenance free
  • High accuracy, low drift
  • Long life, non-depleting
  • Fast response (t63 < 2s)
  • Low power consumption

Exemplary Setup


Extend the FDO2 oxygen sensor with the Modbus analog out module FDO2-EXT. This way a Modbus interface and analog outputs of the sensor reading can be utilized.


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