Measurements in gas and liquid

Fixed Fiber Sensor

  • Sensing tip extending out of the needle
  • Fiber is fixated inside the needle
  • For gas and liquids
  • No gas diffusion trough cannula

Fiber protected during storage and handling

Retractable Fiber Sensor

  • Sensor tip is surrounded by a 40 mm long syringe needle and can be moved out
  • Protection while handling the sensor or while penetrating packages or a septa

For gas measurements

Protected Tip Fiber Sensor

  • Beveled needle tip gives mechanical protection
  • Sensor insertion through rubber septa or packaging material
  • Especially designed for measurements in gas 

For special geometries

Bare Fiber Minisensor

  • Identical to our Retractable Needle-Type sensors, but without any sensor housing
  • For custom integration in complex geometries

Measurements in animal tissues & organs

Insertable Oxygen Miniprobe

  • Bare optical fiber with enlarged sensing surface over 3-5mm length at the sensor tip
  • For measurements of smoothed oxygen levels in samples with micro-heterogeneities

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