Read-Out Devices

pH Meters for the Lab

Ultra-compact, flexible, easy-to-use, variety of sensor heads, as:

  • PC-operated multi-channel devices
  • Flexible underwater fiber-optic sensor solution
  • PC-operated multi-analyte device (O2, T)

Read-Out Devices

Underwater Devices for pH Sensors

Compact and ease-to-operate underwater platform 


  • Deep Sea and Shallow Water Devices
  • Loggers and Transmitters
  • OEM modules for individual integration

Read-Out Devices

OEM Devices for Optical pH Sensors

Ultra-compact and energy efficient modules:


  • OEM module for fiber and contactless oxygen sensors
  • UART Interface

Optical pH Sensors

Contactless and Fiber Sensors

Optical pH sensors are available in various formats, ranging from sensor spots for contactless measurements to fiber-based sensors.

Optical pH Sensors

Sensor Caps for Underwater Devices

The optical sensor caps were developed for long-term monitoring and high-speed profiling for underwater applications. The CAPs can be used with all our underwater devices with SUB-connector.