Read-Out Devices

Meters for the Lab

Ultra-compact, flexible, easy-to-use, variety of sensor heads, as:

  • PC-operated multi-channel devices
  • PC-operated multi-analyte device (T)

Read-Out Devices

Underwater Devices for Optical Temperature Sensors

Compact and ease-to-operate underwater platform 

  • Deep Sea and Shallow Water Devices
  • Loggers and Transmitters

Read-Out Devices

OEM Devices for Optical Temperature Sensors

Ultra-compact and energy efficient modules:

  • OEM module for optical temperature sensors
  • UART Interface

Optical Temperature

Contactless and Fiber Sensors

Optical temperature sensors can be used for true temperature compensation of O2 and pH measurements. Various formats are available, ranging from sensor spots to fiber-based sensors.

Electrical Temperature probes

Pt100 Sensors

Pt100 Temperature Sensors with LEMO connector are available for temperature compensation of your measurement.

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