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Futile cycling increases sensitivity toward oxidative stress in Escherichia coli
Adolfsen and Brynildsen, 2015, Metabolic Engineering

Flexibility in metabolic rate confers a growth advantage under changing food availability
Auer et al., 2015, Journal of Animal Ecology


Genomics and Ecophysiology of Heterotrophic Nitrogen-Fixing Bacteria Isolated from Estuarine Surface Water
Bentzon-Tilia et al., 2015, mBio

Accumulation of Basic Amino Acids at Mitochondria Dictates the Cytotoxicity of Aberrant Ubiquitin
Braun et al., 2015, Cell Reports

Experimental manipulations of tissue oxygen supply do not affect warming tolerance of European perch
Brijs et al., 2015, Journal of Experimental Biology

Increased gastrointestinal blood flow: An essential circulatory modification for euryhaline rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) migrating to sea
Brijs et al., 2015, Scientific Reports


The formation of aggregates in coral reef waters under elevated concentrations of dissolved inorganic and organic carbon: A mesocosm approach
Cárdenas et al., 2015, Marine Chemistry


A sediment core incubation method to measure the flux of dissolved organic carbon between sediment and water
Dadi et al, 2015, Journal of Soils and Sediments

Evaluation of wavelength selective photovoltaic panels on microalgae growth and photosynthetic efficiency
Detweiler et al., 2015, Algal Research

An Assessment of the Precision and Confidence of Aquatic Eddy Correlation Measurements
Donis et al., 2015, Journal of Atmospheric and Oceanic Technology


Microbial Iron Oxidation in the Arctic Tundra and Its Implications for Biogeochemical Cycling
Emerson et al., 2015, Applied and Environmental Microbiology


Print your membrane: Rapid prototyping of complex 3D-PDMS membranes via a sacrificial resist
Femmer et al. 2015, Journal of Membrane Science

Efficient gas–liquid contact using microfluidic membrane devices with staggered herringbone mixers
Femmer et al., 2015, Lab on a Chip

Living in a risky world: the onset and ontogeny of an integrated antipredator phenotype in a coral reef fish
Ferrari et al., 2015, Scientific Reports

O2 mass transfer in an oscillatory flow reactor provided with smooth periodic constrictions. Individual characterization of kL and a
Ferreira et al., 2015, Chemical Engineering Journal


Occurrence of Priming in the Degradation of Lignocellulose in Marine Sediments
Gontikaki et al. 2015, PLOS One


Microsensor studies on Padina from a natural CO2 seep: implications of morphology on acclimation to low pH
Hofmann et al., 2015, Journal of Phycology

Aquatic Eddy Correlation: Quantifying the Artificial Flux Caused by Stirring-Sensitive O2 Sensors
Holtappels et al., 2015, PLoS ONE



Physiological Response of the Hard Coral Pocillopora verrucosa from Lombok, Indonesia, to Two Common Pollutants in Combination with High Temperature
Kegler et al. 2015, PLOS One

The effect of temperature and ration size on specific dynamic action and production performance in juvenile hapuku (Polyprion oxygeneios)
Khan et al., 2015, Aquaculture

Vulnerability of individual fish to capture by trawling is influenced by capacity for anaerobic metabolism
Killen et al., 2015, Proceedings of the Royal Society B

Ocean warming and acidification modulate energy budget and gill ion regulatory mechanisms in Atlantic cod (Gadus morhua)
Kreiss et al. 2015, Journal of Comparative Physiology B


Online monitoring of dissolved oxygen tension in microtiter plates based on infrared fluorescent oxygen-sensitive nanoparticles
Ladner et al., 2015, Microbial Cell Factories

Rates of total oxygen uptake of sediments and benthic nutrient fluxes measured using an in situ autonomous benthic chamber in the sediment of the slope off the southwestern part of Ulleung Basin, East Sea
Lee et al. 2015, Ocean Science Journal

Not so monofunctional—a case of thermostable Thermobifida fusca catalase with peroxidase activity
Loncar and Fraaije, 2015, Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology

Oxygen metabolism and pH in coastal ecosystems: Eddy Covariance Hydrogen ion and Oxygen Exchange System (ECHOES)
Long et al., 2015, Limnology and Oceanography: Methods


The Physiological Response of Two Green Calcifying Algae from the Great Barrier Reef towards High Dissolved Inorganic and Organic Carbon (DIC and DOC) Availability
Meyer et al., 2015, PLOS One

RNA Futile Cycling in Model Persisters Derived from MazF Accumulation
Mok et al., 2015, mBio

Vertical distribution of algal productivity in open pond raceways
Murphy et al., 2015, Algal Research


Porous membrane as a means of gas and nutrient exchange in a tubular photobioreactor
Ojanen et al. 2015, Journal of Applied Phycology

Laccase mediated oxidation of industrial lignins: Is oxygen limiting?
Ortner et al., 2015, Process Biochemistry



Three-dimensional structure and cyanobacterial activity within a desert biological soil crust
Raanan et al., 2015, Environmental Microbiology

Adaptation of the brine shrimp Artemia salina (Branchiopoda: Anostraca) to filter-feeding: effects of body size and temperature on filtration and respiration rates
Riisgård et al., 2015, Journal of Crustacean Biology


Photoacoustic lifetime imaging for direct in vivo tissue oxygen monitoring
Shao and Ashkenazi, 2015, Journal of Biomedical Optics

 Pharmaceuticals and personal care products alter growth and function in lentic biofilms
Shaw et al., 2015, Environmental Chemistry

Oxygen profiling of the unsaturated zone using direct push drilling
Sopilniak et al. 2015, Environmental Science: Processes & Impacts

Physiological and ecological performance differs in four coral taxa at a volcanic carbon dioxide seep
Strahl et al., 2015, Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology Part A: Molecular & Integrative Physiology


Novel use of a micro-optode in overcoming the negative influence of the amperometric micro-probe on localized corrosion measurements
Taryba et al., 2015, Corrosion Science

Quasi-simultaneous mapping of local current density, pH and dissolved O2
Taryba et al., 2015, Electroanalysis

Metabolic cold adaptation and aerobic performance of blue mussels (Mytilus edulis) along a temperature gradient into the High Arctic region
Thyrring et al. 2015, Marine Biology

 The effect of temperature and body size on metabolic scope of activity in juvenile Atlantic cod Gadus morhua L
Tirsgaard et al., 2015, Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology Part A: Molecular & Integrative Physiology


Decreased light availability can amplify negative impacts of ocean acidification on calcifying coral reef organisms
Vogel et al. 2015, Marine Ecology Progress Series

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