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Modulatory Contribution of Oxygenating Hydrogels and Polyhexamethylene Biguanide on the Antimicrobial Potency of Neutrophil-like Cells
Abri et al. 2022, Biomaterials Science & Engineering
An unusually high upper thermal acclimation potential for rainbow trout
Adams et al. 2022, Conservation physiology
Intraspecific variability in thermal tolerance: a case study with coastal cutthroat trout
Anlauf-Dunn et al. 2022, Conservation Physiology


Benthic Carbon Remineralization and Iron Cycling in Relation to Sea Ice Cover along the Eastern Continental Shelf of the Antarctic Peninsula
Baloza et al. 2022, Geophysical Research: Oceans
Antimicrobial Efficiency of Chitosan and Its Methylated Derivative against Lentilactobacillus parabuchneri Biofilms
Bajrami et al. 2022, Molecules
Plasticity and evolution shape the scaling of metabolism and excretion along a geothermal temperature gradient
Benavente et al. 2022, Functional Ecology
Plasticity to ocean warming is influenced by transgenerational, reproductive, and developmental exposure in a coral reef fish
Bernal et al. 2022, Evolutionary applications

Predictive Metabolic Suitability Maps for the Thermophilic Invasive Hydroid Pennaria disticha Under Future Warming Mediterranean Sea Scenarios
Bosch-Belmar et al. 2022, Frontiers in Marine Science

Elevated temperatures reduce the resilience of the Red Sea branching coral Stylophora pistillata to copper pollution
Banc-Prandi et al. 2022, Aquatic Toxicology
Thermally insensitive physiological performance allows neonatal sharks to use coastal habitats as nursery areas
Bouyoucos et al. 2022, Marine Ecology Progress Series
Amoebic gill disease increases energy requirements and decreases hypoxia tolerance in Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar) smolts
Bowden et al. 2022 Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology Part A: Molecular & Integrative Physiology
Effects of ocean acidification on the performance and interaction of fleshy macroalgae and a grazing sea urchin
Burnham et al. 2022, Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology


The sensitivity of aquatic microbial communities to a complex agricultural contaminant depends on previous drought conditions
Courcoul et al. 2022, Water Research


Effects of Hypoxia on Coral Photobiology and Oxidative Stress
Deleja et al. 2022, Biology
Impacts of temperature on O2 consumption of the Pyrenean brook newt (Calotriton asper) from populations along an elevational gradient
Deluen et al. 2022, Journal of Thermal Biology
Exploring relationships between oxygen consumption and biologger‐derived estimates of heart rate in two warmwater piscivores
Doherty et al. 2022, Journal of Fish Biology


Enhanced chloroplast-mitochondria crosstalk promotes ambient algal-H2 production
Elman et al. 2022, Cell Reports Physical Science


Real-time oxygen sensing as a powerful tool to investigate tyrosinase kinetics allows revising mechanism and activity of inhibition by glabridin
Guo et al. 2022, Food Chemistry
Amorphous and crystalline CaCO3 phase transformation at high solid/liquid ratio–Insight to a novel binder system
Galan et al. 2022, Journal of Crystal Growth

Does the ventricle limit cardiac contraction rate in the anoxic turtle (Trachemys scripta)? I. Comparison of the intrinsic contractile responses of cardiac chambers to the extracellular changes that accompany prolonged anoxia exposure
Garner et al. 2022, Current Research in Physiology
Increased parasite load is associated with reduced metabolic rates and escape responsiveness in pumpkinseed sunfish host.
Guitard et al. 2022, bioRxiv

Effect of acute acidic stress on survival and metabolic activity of zooplankton from Lake Biwa
Gao et al. 2022, Inland Waters

Identification and transcriptional analysis of poly (cis-1, 4-isoprene) degradation gene in Rhodococcus sp. strain RDE2
Gibu et al. 2022,  Journal of Bioscience and Bioengineering

Roles of leptin in initiation of acquired growth hormone resistance and control of metabolism in rainbow trout
Gong et al. 2022, American Journal of Physiology-Regulatory, Integrative and Comparative Physiology


Temperature Effects on Leaf and Epiphyte Photosynthesis, Bicarbonate of the Seagrass Use Zostera and Diel marina O2 Budgets L.
Hansen et al. 2022, Ecophysiology and Biogeochemistry of Marine Plants in the Anthropocene
Effect of inoculum sources on autotrophic nitrogen removal in anaerobic hollow fiber membrane reactors
Hatamoto, Masashi, et al. 2022, Environmental Technology & Innovation

Effect of inoculum sources on autotrophic nitrogen removal in anaerobic hollow fiber membrane reactors
Hatamoto et al. 2022, Environmental Technology & Innovation

Effects of Ocean Acidification over successive generations decrease larval resilience to Ocean Acidification & Warming but juvenile European sea bass could benefit from higher temperatures in the NE Atlantic
Howald et al. 2022, Journal of Experimental Biology

Widespread oxyregulation in tropical corals under hypoxia
Hughes et al. 2022, Marine Pollution Bulletin


Corrigendum to: Investigating the impact of light quality on macromolecular of Chaetoceros muelleri
Iwasaki et al. 2022, Functional Plant Biology


Phototoxicity of BODIPY in long-term imaging can be reduced by intramolecular motion
Kähärä et al. 2022, Photochemical & Photobiological Sciences
Interplay between hydrogen production and photosynthesis in a green alga expressing an active photosystem I-hydrogenase chimera
Kanygin et al. 2022, International Journal of Hydrogen Energy
Identification of nosZ-expressing microorganisms consuming trace N2O in microaerobic chemostat consortia dominated by an uncultured Burkholderiales
Kim et al. 2022, The ISME Journal

Energy conservation characterizes sleep in sharks
Kelly et al. 2022, Biology Letters

Cold-induced [Ca2+] cyt elevations function to support osmoregulation in marine diatoms
Kleiner et al. 2022, bioRxiv.


In-Situ Estimates of Net Ecosystem Metabolisms in the Rocky Habitats of Dokdo Islets in the East Sea of Korea
Lee et al. 2022, Journal of Marine Science and Engineering
Effects of elevated temperature on the performance and survival of pacific crown-of-thorns starfish (Acanthaster cf. solaris)
Lang et al. 2022, Marine Biology

The mesoglea buffers the physico-chemical microenvironment of photosymbionts in the upside-down jellyfish Cassiopea sp.
Lyndby et al. 2022, bioRxiv

Threats to freshwater mussels: The interactions of water temperature, velocity and total suspended solids on ecophysiology and growth
Luck et al. 2022, Science of The Total Environment


The effect of pregnancy on metabolic scaling and population energy demand in the viviparous fish Gambusia affinis
Moffett et al. 2022, Integrative and Comparative Biology
Reduced physiological plasticity in a fish adapted to stable temperatures
Morgan et al. 2022, National Academy of Sciences
Evenness, biodiversity, and ecosystem function of intertidal communities along the Italian coasts: Experimental short-term response to ambient and extreme air temperatures.
Mancuso et al. 2022, Science of The Total Environment
A genetically encoded system for oxygen generation in living cells
Markhard et al. 2022, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences
Light‐induced damage to Photosystem II at a very low temperature (195 K) depends on singlet oxygen
Mattila et al. 2022, Physiologia Plantarum
Development of a novel method for measuring tissue oxygen pressure to improve the hypoxic condition in subcutaneous islet transplantation
Mitsugashira et al. 2022, Scientific reports

Light‐driven dynamics between calcification and production in functionally diverse coral reef calcifiers
Mallon et al. 2022, Limnology and Oceanography

Evaluating the effect of seasonal conditions on metabolism and photosynthetic performance of Picochlorum sp. and its influence on biomass productivity
Manjre et al. 2022, Bioresource Technology Reports

Individual metabolism and behaviour as complementary endpoints to better understand mangrove crab community variations linked to wastewater inputs
Mégevand et al. 2022, Ecotoxicology and Environmental Safety

Multigenerational exposure to increased temperature reduces metabolic rate but increases boldness in Gambusia affinis
Moffett et al. 2022, Ecology and evolution


Accurate Evaluation of Hepatocyte Metabolisms on a Noble Oxygen-Permeable Material with Low Sorption Characteristics
Nishikawa et al. 2022, Frontiers in Toxicology
doi: 10.3389/ftox.2022.810478
Alkalinity and nitrate dynamics reveal dominance of anammox in a hyper-turbid estuary
Norbisrath et al. 2022, Biogeosciences Discussions

Evaluating bioelectrochemically-assisted constructed wetland (METland®) for treating wastewater: Analysis of materials, performance and electroactive communities
de Nicolás et al. 2022, Chemical Engineering Journal


Disentangling the influence of microplastics and their chemical additives on a model detritivore system
Ockenden et al. 2022, Environmental Pollution

Coenzyme Q10 and related quinones oxidize H2S to polysulfides and thiosulfate
Olson et al. 2022, Free Radical Biology and Medicine


Physical-chemical factors influencing the vertical distribution of phototrophic pico-nanoplankton in the Oxygen Minimum Zone (OMZ) off Northern Chile: The relative influence of low pH/low O2 conditions
Piscoya et al. 2022, Marine Environmental Research
Year-round sustainable biomass production potential of Nannochloris sp. in outdoor raceway pond enabled through strategic photobiological screening
Paul et al. 2022, Photosynthesis Research


Estimation of nitrifying and heterotrophic bacterial activity in biofilm formed on RAS biofilter carriers by respirometry
Qi et al. 2022, Aquaculture


Temperature and size-dependency of lumpfish (Cyclopterus lumpus) oxygen requirement and tolerance
Remen et al. 2022, Aquaculture
Thermal preference does not align with optimal temperature for aerobic scope in zebrafish (Danio rerio)
Ripley et al. 2022, Journal of Experimental Biology

Transcriptomic analysis of chloride tolerance in Leptospirillum ferriphilum DSM 14647 adapted to NaCl
Rivera-Araya et al. 2022, PLoS ONE


Physiological responses and adjustments of corals to strong seasonal temperature variations (20–28° C)
Sawall et al. 2022, Journal of Experimental Biology

Advanced Online Monitoring of In Vitro Human 3D Full-Thickness Skin Equivalents
Schaller-Ammann et al. 2022, Pharmaceutics
Accounting for the influence of temperature and location when predicting seagrass (Halophila ovalis) photosynthetic performance
Said et al. 2022, Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Science

Unique thermal sensitivity imposes a cold-water energetic barrier for vertical migrators
Seibel et al. 2022, Nature Climate Change

Environmental drivers and sources of stream oxygen consumption in an agricultural lake catchment
Sø et al. 2022, Ecological Engineering

Diverse methylotrophic methanogenic archaea causehigh methane emissions from seagrass meadows
Schorn et al. 2022, PNAS

Monitoring and control of the release of soluble O2 from H2O2 inside porous enzyme carrier for O2 supply to an immobilized D‐amino acid oxidase
Schelch et al. 2022, Biotechnology and Bioengineering

The air-breathing Alaska blackfish (Dallia pectoralis) remodels ventricular Ca2+ cycling with chronic hypoxic submergence to maintain ventricular contractility
Shiels et al. 2022, Current Research in Physiology

Aerobic and anaerobic methane oxidation in a seasonally anoxic basin
Steinsdóttir et al. 2022, Limnology and Oceanography


Accelerating electricity power generation and shortening incubation period of microbial fuel cell operated in tidal flat sediment by artificial surfactant anode modification
Tominaga et al. 2022, Biochemical Engineering Journal
Water Accommodated Fraction of Macondo Oil Has Limited Effects on Nitrate Reduction in Northern Gulf of Mexico Salt Marsh Sediments Regardless of Prior Oiling History
Tollette, Derek G., et al. 2022, Water, Air, & Soil Pollution
Oxygenation-Controlled Collective Dynamics in Aquatic Worm Blobs
Tuazon, Harry, et al. 2022, Soft Condensed Matter

Different patterns of chronic hypoxia lead to hierarchical adaptive mechanisms in goldfish metabolism
Thoral et al. 2022, Journal of Experimental Biology

High electrochemical stability of hyperthermophilic archaeal multicopper enzyme adsorbed on gold electrodes compared to fungal laccase
Tominaga et al. 2022, Electrochemistry Communications


Slow and steady hurts the crab: Effects of chronic and acute microplastic exposures on a filter feeder crab
Urbina et al. 2022, Science of The Total Environment


Passive electrobioremediation approaches for enhancing hydrocarbons biodegradation in contaminated soils
Viggi et al. 2022, Science of The Total Environment
Organic matter processing in a [simulated] offshore wind farm ecosystem in current and future climate and aquaculture scenarios
Voet et al. 2022, Science of the Total Environment
Climate change effects on the ecophysiology and ecological functioning of an offshore wind farm artificial hard substrate community
Voet et al.2022, Science of the Total Environment


Diel Rhythm and Thermal Independence of Metabolic Rate in a Benthic Shark
Wheeler et al. 2022, Journal of Biological Rhythms

Effects of temperature and irradiance on the regeneration of juveniles from the holdfasts of Sargassum fusiforme, a commercial seaweed
Xu, Lili, et al. 2022, Aquaculture


Root pruning is effective in alleviating the inhibition of soybean growth caused by anaerobic stress for a short period
Yamane et al. 2022, Journal of Integrative Agriculture

A novel perfusion culture system for screening mitochondrial toxicity in primary mouse hepatocytes
Yamamoto et al. 2022, The Journal of Toxicological Sciences

The Effects of Aerated Irrigation on Soil Respiration and the Yield of the Maize Root Zone
Yu et al. 2022, Sustainability


Effect of Thrombin and Incubation Time on Porcine Whole Blood Clot Elasticity and Recombinant Tissue Plasminogen Activator Susceptibility
Zemzemi et al. 2022, Ultrasound in Medicine & Biology
Long-Term Effects of Silver Nanoparticles (Nm-300k) and Soil Amendments on the Soil Community in a Semi-Field Experiment
Zhang et al. 2022, available at SSRN
The Iron “Redox Battery” in Sandy Sediments: Its Impact on Organic Matter Remineralization and Phosphorus Cycling
Zhou et al. 2022, available at SSRN

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