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Scientific Publications Utilizing PyroScience Products (last update: 25.01.2024)


A multibiomarker approach in clams (Ruditapes philippinarum) for a toxicological evaluation of dredged sediments
Asnicar et al. 2024, Environmental Pollution


Rapid discrimination of Lentilactobacillus parabuchneri biofilms via in situ infrared spectroscopy
Bajrami et al. 2024, Spectrochimica Acta, Part A: Molecular and Biomolecular Spectroscopy

Using a metabolomics approach to investigate the sensitivity of a potential Arctic-invader and its Arctic sister-species to marine heatwaves and traditional harvesting disturbances
Beaudreau et al. 2024, Science of The Total Environment

Combining fungal bioremediation and ozonation for rinse wastewater treatment
Beltran-Flores et al. 2024, Science of The Total Environment

Weakened pelagic-benthic coupling on an Arctic outflow shelf (Northeast Greenland) suggested by benthic ecosystem changes
Bodur et al. 2024, Elementa: Science of the Anthropocene


Improving the accuracy of δ18O and δ17O values of O2 measured by continuous-flow isotope-ratio mass spectrometry with a multipoint isotope-ratio calibration
Carvalho et al. 2024, Rapid Communications in Mass Spectrometry

Poly(Dehydroalanine)-Based Hydrogels as Efficient Soft Matter Matrices for Light-Driven Catalysis
Ceper et al. 2024, Macromolecular Rapid Communications

In‑situ multicore fibre‑based pH mapping through obstacles in integrated microfluidic devices
Chandrasekharan et al. 2024, Scientific Reports

Responses of the New Zealand green-lipped mussel, Perna canaliculus, to acute environmental changes designed to depress metabolism
Cheng et al. 2024, Aquaculture

Hidden cost of pH variability in seagrass beds on marine calcifiers under ocean acidification
Cossa et al. 2024, Science of The Total Environment


Structurally stable but functionally disrupted marine microbial communities under a future climate change scenario: Potential importance for nitrous oxide emissions
Dairain et al. 2024, Science of The Total Environment


The OptoReg system: a simple and inexpensive solution for regulating water oxygen
Ern & Jutfelt 2024, Conservation Physiology

Microplastics in river sediment: Chronic exposure of the amphipod Gammarus fossarum to polyethylene terephthalate in a microcosm
Erni-Cassola et al. 2024, Journal of Hazardous Materials


Adverse outcome pathways as a tool for optimization of the biomarker-based assessment of pollutant toxicity: A case study of cadmium in the blue mussels Mytilus edulis
Falfushynska et al. 2024, Ecological Indicators


Bioturbation and faunal-mediated ecosystem functioning in a deep-sea benthic community recovering from a severe seabed disturbance
Hale et al. 2024, Deep Sea Research Part I: Oceanographic Research Papers

High Power Density of a Hydrogen Peroxide Fuel Cell Using Cobalt Chlorin Complex Supported on Carbon Nanotubes as a Noncorrosive Anode
Hashimoto et al. 2024, ACS Inorganic Chemistry

Expanding the toolbox for phycobiliprotein assembly: phycoerythrobilin biosynthesis in Synechocystis
Heck et al. 2024, Physiologia Plantarum


Plasma-based conversion of martian atmosphere into life-sustaining chemicals: The benefits of utilizing martian ambient pressure
Kelly et al. 2024, Journal of CO2 Utilization


Early life stage mechanisms of an active fish species to cope with ocean warming and hypoxia as interacting stressors
Lima et al. 2024, Environmental Pollution

Effects of surface geometry on light exposure, photoacclimation and photosynthetic energy acquisition in zooxanthellate corals
Lopez-Londono et al. 2024, PLoS ONE 


Correlating X-ray computed tomography observations with respirometric measurement of aluminium alloy 6063 corrosion under FeCl3 droplets
Mahmood et al. 2024, Corrosion Science

Differential metabolic responses in bold and shy sea anemones during a simulated heatwave
Maskrey et al. 2024, Journal of Experimental Biology

Environmental variation associated with overwintering elicits marked metabolic plasticity in a temperate salmonid, Salvelinus fontinalis
Middleton et al. 2024, Journal of Experimental Biology

Sedimentary mud and phaeophytin-a are reliable predictors of oxygen consumption and nitrogen turnover in the southern North Sea
Minutolo et al. 2024, Continental Shelf Research

The Ellrott grab: A small, lightweight sediment sampler for collecting undisturbed sandy sediments
Moncada et al. 2024, Limnology and Oceanography: Methods

Development of an electrochemical system to measure high-temperature oxygen reduction for the electrochemical evaluation of Pt/C and non-precious metal catalysts
Morita et al. 2024, International Journal of Hydrogen Energy

Under the sea: How can we use heart rate and accelerometers to remotely assess fish welfare in salmon aquaculture?
Morgenroth et al. 2024, Aquaculture


Among-individual variation in thermal plasticity of fish metabolic rates causes profound variation in temperature-specific trait repeatability, but does not co-vary with behavioural plasticity
Norin et al. 2024, Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society


The effect of oxygen supply using perfluorocarbon-based nanoemulsions on human hair growth
Park et al. 2024, Journal of Materials Chemistry B

Ocean deoxygenation caused non-linear responses in the structure and functioning of benthic ecosystems
Pascal et al. 2024, Global Change Biology

Transgenerational exposure to deoxygenation and warming disrupts mate detection in Gammarus locusta
Pereira et al. 2024, Behavioral Ecology

Heat tolerance in Drosophila melanogaster is influenced by oxygen conditions and mutations in cell size control pathways
Privalova et al. 2024, Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B


Oxygen Extraction Efficiency and Tolerance to Hypoxia in Sponges
Riisgard et al. 2024, Journal of Marine Science and Engineering

A class of their own? Water-soluble polymer pollution impacting a freshwater host-pathogen system
Robison-Smith et al. 2024, Science of The Total Environment

Thermal constraints on exercise and metabolic performance do not explain the use of dormancy as an overwintering strategy in the cunner (Tautogolabrus adspersus)
Rowsey et al. 2024, Journal of Experimental Biology

Octopus crawling on land: physiological and biochemical responses of Octopus vulgaris to emersion
Röckner et al. 2024, Marine Biology


Postprandial metabolism of Australian hybrid abalone (Haliotis laevigata × H. rubra) in relation to temperature and dietary protein manipulation
Searle et al. 2024, Aquaculture

Impacts of sequential salinity and heat stress are recovery time-specific in freshwater crustacean, Daphnia pulicaria
Sun et al. 2024, Ecotoxicology and Environmental Safety


A highly efficient cell culture method using oxygen-permeable PDMS-based honeycomb microwells produces functional liver organoids from human induced pluripotent stem cell-derived carboxypeptidase M liver progenitor cells
Utami et al. 2024, Biotechnology and Bioengineering


A multistep (semi)-continuous biocatalytic setup for the production of polycaprolactone
Valotta et al. 2024, Reaction Chemistry & Engineering


Modulation of soil aeration and antioxidant defenses with hydrogen peroxide improves the growth of winter wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) plants
Wang et al. 2024, Journal of Cleaner Production

The horizontal gene transfer of perchlorate reduction genomic island in three bacteria from an ecological niche
Wang et al. 2024, Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology

Variations of sediment organic phosphorus and organic carbon during the outbreak and decline of algal blooms in Lake Taihu, China
Wang et al. 2024, Journal of Environmental Sciences


Susceptibility of the Different Oxygen-Sensing Probes to Interferences in Respirometric Bacterial Assays with Complex Media
Zanetti et al. 2024, Sensors

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