Optical pH & Oxygen & Temp Meter

FireSting®-PRO (2 Channels)

  • Item nr.: FSPRO-2
  • Broad range of pH, oxygen & temp sensors
  • Automatic temp & pressure compensation
  • Ready for precalibrated pH sensors
  • Analog outputs & auto-mode

Optical Multi-Analyte Meter - FireSting-PRO

The new compact FireSting-PRO is an unprecedented one-device solution for multiple analytes and sensor heads, now also ready for pre-calibrated pH sensors. The PC-controlled (USB) fiber-optic multi-analyte meter can be combined with the complete sensor portfolio for optical (pre-sterilized) oxygen, pH, and temperature sensors from PyroScience, including now also pre-calibrated pH sensors. This combination enables straigthforward measurements under sterile conditions in life sciences or in single-use applications. Simply integrate the sensor under sterile conditions and start measurements with the new FSPRO device ready for precalibrated pH measurements in your set-up.

Each optical channel of the FSPRO device is freely configurable for these analytes (pH, oxygen, temperature) and multiple sensor types, giving maximum flexibility for individual experimental design. The compatible sensor heads range from microsensors (50 µm tip) to robust probes (3 mm tip), and include diverse smart contactless sensor solutions (for measurements in closed systems / respirometry, microfluidics and complex geometries, microphysiological systems, single-use applications), as well as sensors for different ranges (full and trace range O2, discrete pH ranges within pH 4-9). The available optical temperature sensors enable precision temperature compensation of especially contactless optical pH and oxygen sensors (sensor spots, sensor vials, flow cells) of the same format.

A precision Pt100 temperature sensor can be connected to the temperature port, allowing automatic zero noise and zero latency temperature compensation of the optical sensor measurements in samples with varying temperatures, even during high speed measurements. The FireSting-PRO features improved ambient light suppression for applications at in situ light conditions, as well as smart measurement modes for prolonged sensor lifetime. Several FireSting-PRO devices can be simply operated with a single PC in a single Pyro Workbench window, offering scalable fiber-optic multi-parameter sensor systems with e.g. 8, 16, 32, or 64 channels. It has never been easier to measure important parameters in a single sample at high precision with maximum flexibility concerning analyte, sensor format, measuring mode, and application range.

Also available as 4-channel and 1-channel version.

Innovative REDFLASH technology. The REDFLASH technology from PyroScience is based on the unique analyte-sensitive REDFLASH sensor materials. The REDFLASH sensor materials are excitable with red light and show an analyte-dependent luminescence in the near infrared (NIR). The REDFLASH technology impresses by its high precision, high reliability, low power consumption, low cross-sensitivity, and fast response times. The red light excitation significantly reduces interferences caused by autofluorescent samples. Further, the NIR detection technology significantly reduces interference with ambient light, known from the old blue-light techniques.

Supported analytes. This meter is compatible to a broad range of optical (pre-sterilized) pHoxygen and temperature sensors, now also for precalibrated pH sensors (precal pH). External Pt100 temperature probes for temperature compensation are supported and can be connected to the LEMO-connector of this device and are supported.

Laboratory device. This plug & play solution comes with a standard USB connection and a free Windows logging software.

Next generation PC software. The Pyro Workbench is our newest software solution and available as free download in the Downloads tab. Up to 10 PyroScience meters can be operated by the Pyro Workbench at once. It is used for configuring the device, calibrating the sensors, starting the logging, and finally for retrieving the logged data. The sensor readings are displayed numerically and graphically and can be logged in respective data files for further data processing. Additionally, the integrated Pyro Data Inspector features multiple data processing options like drift compensation or calculation of oxygen rates.

Optical channel. This meter features two optical channels with a ST-connectors, compatible to a broad range of fiber-optic and contactless sensors. The optical sensor of your choice must be purchased separately.

Temperature port. This device is equipped with a LEMO-connector for Pt100 temperature probes, which can be used for automatic temperature compensation of optical sensor measurements, or simply for logging temperatures in liquids and gases.

Integrated pressure and humidity sensors. All FireSting devices come with integrated sensors for atmospheric pressure (mbar) and relative humidity (%RH) of the ambient air for a user-friendly precision calibration procedure in water or ambient air. The integrated pressure sensor can be used for automatic pressure compensation of oxygen measurements performed e.g. in units of %oxygen, %air saturation or in DO concentration units (µmol/L, mg/L). These oxygen units show a strong dependence on atmospheric pressure changes (weather changes, altitude). Automatic pressure compensation is integrated seamlessly into the included innovative logger software / user interface. 

Analog output. This device has 4 integrated analog outputs (0..2.5V), which can be configured and scaled with the included software. Optionally, each analog output can be also configured as an alarm output (e.g. for control tasks like observing a defined oxygen level in fish tanks).

Broadcast Mode. This meter can be operated optionally without any PC connected in the so-called broadcast mode. Simply activate the broadcast mode by connecting and powering the meter with a standard micro-USB charger (as used for mobile phones). The measured sensor data are read out via the analog output (or via the serial interface of the extension port).

LabVIEW library. For customer software solutions, a fully functional LabVIEW library is available in the downloads tab. On request, a respective Python library (in beta version) will be sent to you. Just let us know.

pH Sensors

There are several optical pH sensors compatible to this read-out device. Select additional requirements to find the optimal sensor for your application!

Oxygen Sensors

Choose between our optical fiber or contactless oxygen sensors for the FireSting-PRO.

Optical Temperature Sensors

There are several optical temperature sensors compatible to this read-out device. Select additional requirements to find the optimal sensor for your application!

Temperature Pt100 Probes

Electrical Pt100 temperature probes can be connected via the LEMO-connector to this meter. Use this link to get a list of all compatible probes.

Exemplary Setup


Choose the two channel multi-analyte meter FireSting-PRO with the pH mini probe PHROBSC-PK8.

  • Ready to go lab setup.

Exemplary Setup


Choose the two channel multi-analyte meter FireSting-PRO with the retractable fiber oxygen microsensor OXR50.

  • Retractable 50-70µm sharp sensor tip

Exemplary Setup


Choose the two channel multi-analyte meter FireSting-PRO with the pH sensor spots PHSP5-PK7 and all necessary accessories.

  • For measurements in closed containers

Fiber-Optic Oxygen Sensor Kit


This starter kit contains:
1 x Retractable microsensor OXR50
1 x Fixed minisensor OXF1100
1 x Robust probe OXROB10

Calibration Capsules (pH 2)


For obligatory acid calibration of optical pH sensors. Each capsule results in 100mL calibration solution (PU=10).

Calibration Buffer Capsules (pH 11)


For recommended basic calibration of optical pH sensors. Each capsule results in 100mL calibration buffer solution (PU=10).

0% O2 Calibration Capsules 


For recommended 0% O2 calibration of optical oxygen sensors. Each capsule results in 50mL calibration solution (PU=10).

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