For measurements in closed containers

Sensor Spots

  • Read-out through a transparent window
  • Works in gas and liquid
  • Temperature compensation possible with temperature spots
  • Trace-oxygen version available

Inline oxygen monitoring

Flow-Through Cells

  • Luer-lock with tubing adapters
  • Comes in two sizes
  • With additional optical temperature sensor available

Vials with integrated sensor stripes

Sensor Vials

  • Two sizes available
  • With additonal temperature sensor available
  • Elongated shape of the sensor stripe for measurement at different heights

Ideal for microfluidics or lab-on-a-chip


  • Water-dispersible oxygen sensitive nanoparticles
  • For measurement in complex geometries

For multiwell oxygen measurement

96-well Oxygen Sensor Microplates

  • Multiwell oxygen measurement
  • Sterilized using ethylene oxide
  • Monitoring of cell/microbial cultures
  • Non-invasive sensor read-out

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