Read-Out Devices

Oxygen Meters

Ultra-compact, easy-to-use, multiple sensor formats, as:

  • PC-operated multi-channel devices
  • Portable stand-alone O2 pocket meter
  • Underwater fiber-optic sensor systems

Optical Oxygen

Fiber-Optic Sensors

The fiber-optic oxygen sensors from PyroScience vary from robust probes with 3mm diameter down to needle-type sensor with a sensor tip diameter of approximately 50-70 µm.

Optical Oxygen

Contactless Sensors

Optical sensor technology enables contactless measurement of oxygen within closed containers through a transparent window. Available formats are sensor spots and flow-through cells.

Optical Oxygen

Sensor Caps for Underwater Devices

The optical sensor caps were developed for long-term monitoring and high-speed profiling for underwater applications. The CAPs can be used with all our underwater devices with SUB-connector.